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Aug. 23, 2011
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  • eblair4 commented on sietepasos's instructable Slow smoker2 months ago
    Slow smoker

    Small panned. Pan in large pan.. lottaz holes and saw a "door in all but the big pan. Start fire in small add chips to # (med .) Depending on depth of pans if you need: Two set ups?Or how fast you can reload the /a land and or add to but it will reverse and go back towards center. (photos when I got it (almost) perfected??P.S. USE STEEL NO COATINGS OR ALUMINUM (square cast iron= Too expensive and at high heat "drippage or cold/warm basting may crack/warp pans ( I tried with the cheapist hand sale CI~~it worked but not as good as plain steal >>plus drilling hole is a slow process and I think engineering the correct placement is needed) the C.I. is GREAT for consistency and high heat and good vent controling ???..Tried your idea ( smaller version) but burned through and would stop without good stacking and vairiable ( temp needle chasing) vent monitoring. Perhaps a bigger and thicker scrap punch press spoilage/ recycling mark? ?Thanks 4 the ideas!!!

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  • AllanR12 commented on sietepasos's instructable Slow smoker10 months ago
    Slow smoker

    I've made a 3 more akin to the the A Maze n Smokers, keeping to their 5"x8" size with a ^ shaped maze run, more to stop any material lighting across the maze. The material I used was drilled mild steel that looks like it would used for making oil filters. I don't use one as it was made of galvanised steel which I know gives off nasties. I also made a simple tube style smoker, also like what the same company produces out of the same material. I can't get Stainless Steel sheets, well not for free.. I use wood pellets which give a long (10Hrs) cool burn. The key for me is when lighting, I use a gas torch, keeping the lighter going for a full minute, if there is a flame still in 10 minutes blow it out and off you go. I use mine in an offset BBQ, where the firebox is to the side. So far have done bacon, ham and cheese. Doing your own bacon is easy and well worth doing. Cheese keeps until it is eaten... If I can add images later I will

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