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ria m2 years ago

I did Loky)

sjroth (author)  ria m2 years ago

Wow, it looks amazing! Loki was actually also on my to-do list, right after Thor and Captain America. Thanks for sharing!

Hey your instructables are awesome.

Hey your instructables are awesome.

rmccloud222 years ago
hey i know im just a random user ,but im trying to get to ultrasurf on my computer but its blocked and i cant download it. it used to get passed computer firewall. i think it would be very nice if you could download it for me and get it to me using instructables. the reason i asked youis because youre under radio shack!
Archer25003 years ago
Hey, I've commented a few days ago, But I thought it would be nice for you to create a youtube channel so You can post videos of how to make your stuff.
sjroth (author)  Archer25003 years ago
I've thought about that too, but eventually settled with Instructables. The reason for that is that there are way more people on Instructables that actually care, and it's much easier to gain recognition. I also find photo instructions easier to do because I only have to take a couple of pictures, whereas I would probably be filming for the majority of the time for a video, and editing would take a lot of time (not to mention how much space it would take up on my computer).
Sorry for the late reply.
Seranok3 years ago
Where do you get all of those champagne corks? You can't possibly be drinking that much?
sjroth (author)  Seranok3 years ago
No, of course I don't. I get the corks from recycling centers.
sunshiine3 years ago
I love your profile picture!
sjroth (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Haha thank you! It's from my first Corky Instructable.