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  • solara70 commented on solara70's instructable Digital Battery Load Tester1 week ago
    Digital Battery Load Tester

    if you see a fat link wire as pictured u need do nothing. if you dont see it there, look for 2 solder pads where the link wire is supposed to run, and solder a solid core wire between the 2 pads.

    thats my green wire.

    On some of these panels the current sink link is missing. on mine it was missing so i soldered a thick wire across the pads. without this you will not get a current reading. if the link is already there, great!

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  • solara70 commented on belsey's instructable Build a Community Garden4 months ago
    Build a Community Garden

    Well done on what must be a very rewarding project. You have brought the community together and turned around a rubbish tipping site into a desirable garden plot for all to enjoy!

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