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GWorks9 months ago

Here you go :)

sonic broom (author)  GWorks9 months ago

Nice! Do you think there would be away to make it have a larger reciprocation?

I will probably use this in a project of mine if that's okay? I will give a nice big credit to you if I can use it! Thanks for taking the time to build this and post a video.

Hmm, in this way, no :/
Yes, it's okay to use it with giving credit :) Happy building!

sonic broom (author)  GWorks9 months ago


MechMind71 year ago

Thanks for subbing!

JonnyBGood1 year ago

Were you just trying to get my attention or something!

You have good taste in cars.

sonic broom (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago

Well I went to an auto show and took lots of pictures and i thought i would use this one because I thought it looked cool! it was pretty cool to see all the new cars and try out the Jeeps on an indoor course they set up! Also every major car manufacturer was there so i got to take a look at all the new models.

Would that auto show happen to be Chicago? Because I went there as well! It was my first major auto show other than the auto museum thats in my town. (Which is not a bad museum at all... they have a tucker!)

sonic broom (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago

No it was a different auto show in the mid west. What was you favorite car at your show?

There was a really sweat Alfa Romeo at the show that I went to. do you have anything for the contest? And have you seen my entry?

Oh okay, any car show is a good one.

Do I have anything for the knex contest? Yes I do, and let's say I don't stray from my previous entry inspiration at all. Another game, coming soon! Hopefully next week, and like my other entries it aims too please!

Have I seen your entries? Yes I have Skid steer and the modular knex car system. Me and Akshat had a great success with our modular knew gun shift last year, so I'm sure that will be a strong contender.

I also have a gun in the planning stage right now, a shotgun. Hopefully if I start building it and it goes well, I'll have a cutting edge shotgun for knex war 2015.

sonic broom (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago

Okay sounds cool i had the idea to make a connect 4 game out of KNEX but i never got it to work how i wanted. i'm looking forward to your new KNEX projects!

That would be cool, I heavily lean towards games with high mechanical aspects, basically ones that moved. This years entry is no exception. It's 75% done now, all I need to do is finish it and make instructions.

sonic broom (author)  JonnyBGood1 year ago

You should make a claw game that would be very complex if that's what you like. Or a KNEX computer. I built one of YouTube but i never got it to work.

A claw game is a great idea! I'm deffinitly going to add that too my list of future projects. I'm hoping to post this week!

www1391 year ago

Thanks for the sub!!