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berrios2392 years ago
your profile picture is reall beautiful
i love your name and your picture (is the picture of the weird girl from Dr.who's eye piece on you?)
spectacular (author)  Dusk Shadows4 years ago
Indeed it is! Thank you very much :)
I like your phone case, btw
Best profile picture EVER.
spectacular (author)  DesignerUserName4 years ago
Thanks. Like the username :)
Thanks! :) When I went to pick out a new email address "GenericUserName" was taken so I upgraded haha. So now I use designer for everything
nfk114 years ago
thanks for subbing
spectacular (author)  nfk114 years ago
No problem :)
Goodhart5 years ago
Thank you for the subscription :-)
BrittLiv5 years ago
Hi, cool user name is your name Liv?
spectacular (author)  BrittLiv5 years ago
Yes =)