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spiritwolf7984 (author) 6 years ago
sʞɹoʍ ʇı ƃɯo
Gh{O}sT7 years ago
:D i agree pie is awesome :D
spiritwolf7984 (author)  Gh{O}sT7 years ago
:D Yes it is,So how is life? Thanks for rateing my instructable
Good, once me and my brother tried to make apple pie with lasagna pastry and all the juices seeped to the bottom and the top turned rock hard !! :D, it was awesome. and np rating your instructable, but the real question is.... will you rate mine .
spiritwolf7984 (author)  Gh{O}sT7 years ago
I did 5/5 Because ORIGAMI IS AWESOME I made pie in a jar and it didn't taste bad it just looked Horrible :D

Mmmm Pie in a jar
i'll have to try it next time my parents aren't here :D
spiritwolf7984 (author)  Gh{O}sT7 years ago
Yah It's really Tasty So Done anything cool lately?
Well i just came back from cadet camp, but it sucked so i was really glad that it finished early cause of a flu scare :D, you?
spiritwolf7984 (author)  Gh{O}sT7 years ago
im doing okay it's boreing here
RC-07207 years ago
hey, are you really a werewolf? if so, and if you know any around MD, or you just need someone to talk to without being stared at strangely or run away from, give me a ring...
spiritwolf7984 (author) 7 years ago
spiritwolf7984 (author) 7 years ago
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