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Why don't cellphones have retractable antennas anymore?
Dipankar4 years ago
You got more brains then ten men put together.........Hats off to you......
This is a complement- DG
backlinkin14 years ago
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Mr_Slim7 years ago
Terror, terror, terror, fear, fear, fear. I'm so sorry you've gotten caught up in this B.S. I'm a broke musician, but I'll contribute to a legal defense fund if one is needed and established. Let me know if I can help. MarkALynch (at) Gmail (dot) com
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I just don't see it. Have you seen the photo of the "device"? In no way, does it resemble a bomb. Play-doh or not, in my view, the only way what she was wearing could be considered threatening is if you had a vivid imagination and were predisposed to see the worst. I guess I'm somewhat sympathetic to the initial airport employee at the information booth, who started the brouhaha, but after she was detained, and after closer inspection, it makes no sense to pursue this. I think it is a misunderstanding that is understanable in this age of fear. Star should not suffer due the Bush administration's attempt to create a culture of fear in order to keep the sheep in line and make themselves more relavent.
dla888 Mr_Slim5 years ago
Well the reason this whole fiasco started was probably because the person didn't know squat about electronics. But other people have their own hobbies.
 Sorry to hear about the airport fiasco. I was on your side of the argument as soon as I read about it in MAKE:
sharlston5 years ago
are you related to tim anderson?
stasterisk (author)  sharlston5 years ago
Hah, related?  Not quite.. we dated for a while!

Why do you ask?
its just he mentions you in a lot of his ibles i though you were young?
stasterisk (author)  IamTheCreator5 years ago