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  •  Mountain Bike MTB Fair Dinkum 12 Volt LED Headlight...

    Added another optic fibre light to gear shifters on sides.. To show gear numbers at nightThis time did it easier. Used old clear hex shape winder rods from small venetion blinds. From tip shop.. About 3 feet long and already good size to transfer light. Bend with heat gun. Polish on wet and dry fror nice clear ends.Glued across light front at bottom to pick up light. I used cartrdige brown "Builders glue". Cheap. The stuff you glue sheet products to wall studs with in eg caravans, bathrooms.Non agressive on the acrylic rod. Now I have trip computer plus both left and right gear shifts lit up at night with headlight on. $5000 bikes don't have that!

    PS fair dinkum is Aussie speak for True.. eg "Fair dinkum mate" ....I'm as parched as a dead dingo's donger"

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  • tassie2 commented on jimustanguitar's instructable DIY Carbide Lathe Tools for Cheap2 months ago
    DIY Carbide Lathe Tools for Cheap

    Q) a good HSS lathe tool is same hardness (near enough) to HSS drills/ countersink / and tap. Do you soften chisel with flame etc to allow a drill though? Or use carbide drills to get through the material?

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  • tassie2 commented on JP'sW's instructable Transfer Photograph onto Wood7 months ago
    Transfer Photograph onto Wood

    Can do it also this way... Get some backing paper from a sign shop. It's the waxy paper they peel off the vinyl letters for signs. They throw it away. Cut into eg A4 to fit an inkjet printer. Print in reverse to give right way around . It stays wet for ages on the waxy surface. Rub itonto wood surface from back side. It will often look like an old aged effect.Depends on surface seal. Then seal with lacquer/ wax when dried. The vinyl wax backing sheet is the secret. Done this many times for eg calendar numbers on wood. Just use eg MS Word for letter fonts and sizes.

    Heres a basic pic. black inkjet colour onto sign waxy paper as per info. Was on bare unpainted/ laquered pine. has grain. I covered in spray can laquer after . Quick drying. Gives an antique fady sort of look, but try different resolutions or materials. Used for calendar blocks. Advantages .... Waxy backing Paper is FREE from sign shops. They throw it out by the tonne.. Cut up into A4 with a paper roller/ cutter to be staight is easiest. Injet printers easy to access and fiddle with. All in all CHEAP.Good..

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  • tassie2 commented on keebie81's instructable Transferring Images to Wood9 months ago
    Transferring Images to Wood

    I did the pic transfer another way. Go to a signwriter and get their waxy backing paper from vinyl signs. They throw tons of it out. Or use a stripped off label sheet . Cut into eg A4 sheets. Design pic on eg photoshop etc. Reverse it if you want words to read properly. Run through a normal Inkjet printer. Print on the shiny side of paper.Carefully lay onto wood and rub in from back. Works fine. The waxy backing keeps the ink wet . Made things like calendars where clear numbers needed etc. Clear lacquer. Main thing needed is the paper.. Get the sign stuff and easy as. Can even wipe clean and re use a few times.. Gives the weathered look if print output is low quality if you want that style..

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  •  Mountain Bike MTB Fair Dinkum 12 Volt LED Headlight...

    Fair Dinkum is what all Aussies learnt to say in general conversation.Those born since about 1970 don't use it. Too Aussie for them..

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  • Get Cleaner, Better Cuts With This Circular Saw Tracking Guide

    Have made similalr to this before and are very useful. Now run a commercial track saw.. One comment if not in description is to run a triple chip teeth blade, Especially when cutting melamine or MDF/ plastic sheet. Less blowout and chipping especially in acrylic..Reduces need to follow up with eg a router on fine work like kitchen cabinet edges.

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