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congratulations for the work ,

that would be possible to change it so the relay shield FUNCTIONS a inpulse ( on - delay ( 250 ) - off) ?

I tried to change the function but the trigger does not work well Especially with everything - on and off all- ...

Come Solve Can I ? Thanks Aid .

Hello Fabio .

complimenti per il lavoro,

è possibile modificarlo in modo che la scheda relays funzioni a inpulsi (on - delay(250) - off)?

Ho provato a modificare la funzione trigger ma non funziona bene soprattutto con all-on e all-off...

Come posso risolvere? Grazie dell'aiuto.

Ciao Fabio.

squid5162 years ago
How the vpn access can be done ?
After messing with the code you had originally wrote....I am experiencing ethernet lock-ups every 4-6 days. This could be buffer related and SRAM on the arduino....

How should be include a buffer into this? A buffer will increase the speed of the page too if we make it process the page, then display, then empty the buffer....instead of writing it on the fly.

Also, do you have the original HTML page layout link instead of me having to convert the code back from client.print("...........");

Thank you!
husyhusy3 years ago
this is great project, great work.
I'm just start learning the arduino and I have same problem:
When I'm in the same network, I connect to arduino without any problems, but when I trying to connect from the external network nothing happens. I think that I incorrectly configured IP settings. I will be grateful to any help with that. Thanks!
tcvella (author)  husyhusy3 years ago
Hi husyhushy,

It depends on which stage are you?
Are you trying to access the arduino from the internet, with or without VPN connection.

Without VPN it is not secure as the arduino does not have any password, but it is most easy.
However you need to do these tasks first.
1) configure your router with dyn.com.
You need to register to this site, then go to your router in dynamic DNS section and enter the domain name and username and password of the dyn.com. What will happen is that you will start to access your router from the new name you selected. Something like http://something.dynip.com
2) then you need to configure your router in a way that certain ips could be accessed from outside the network. In the router usually this can be found under Forwarding/Virtual Servers. You need to add your arduino ip and the port, the port is 80. Some routers only accept one port as the inside port and the outside port, on some other routers, it could be two different ports, depending on your router. If you are going to change the port number, then your arduino could be accessible from the inside as and from the outside as http://something.dynip.com:8080 if the new port is 8080.

As I said, this is not secure, as anybody discovering your address could switch on or off your outputs. But if you want to do for fun, it is fine.

The other connection is the vpn, where you configure your router to vpn access, then from the internet, you 'dial' your router with a vpn software, then when connected, you can access the arduino with your internal ip.

Hi Claudio,
thanks for your quick and comprehensive answer. I think that I'll try to Vpn.

mkcinek3 years ago
Brilliant project, works like a charm!!! Any idea how to secure it with login and password when connecting from external network. Thanks !!!
tcvella (author)  mkcinek3 years ago
Hi Marcin,

First, thanks for your comment, much appreciated.
Right now as you noted there is no authentication. The only secure way to use it from external network is to configure your network to connect trough VPN. A VPN has its own secure ways, and once connected, you could easily connect to the arduino. Smartphones usually have options to connect trough VPN.

The next steps to be implimented is the authentication. I have been asked also an easy way to rename the buttons. I will try these when I will have some free time on this project.

On how I intend to implement the authentication, probably I will try to make a login page, which will compare to the variables (user/password) entered during the arduino sketch programming. Then probably I would need to make use of cookies to avoid asking for credentials every time one loads the page.
In the code there is already the 'catch' when there is nothing passed in the address bar. When this is detected the normal page is called. That section should be altered to ask for the credentials.
Hope this had helped a bit.

Claudio Vella