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kcaton12 years ago
Hi. I have tried your troubleshooting and appears to be the DNS, but I still can't get my laptop to work even with the google numbers. It works on other networks and I can usually get my iPhone and iPad to connect on my home network but never my laptop. At best it will connect for about 10 seconds then drop. I have just moved to Germany and set up my home internet with my own personal router from the states. I also could not get it to connect to my router page with the IP address. I have subscribed to an unblock website for a us DNS so I'm not sure if that might be the problem. Another thing I am unsure about is the proxy.. This is turned off automatically on my devices but for the laptop I'm not sure what settings to use. Also I have to always reset my devices after getting the message "not connected to the internet" or "server stopped responding" Any
mmjv3 years ago
Hi I have a problem with wireless connection. other laptop can detect my wireless but my laptop can not detect my wireless. I can connect to my neighbor s wireless. Thanks
thegeeke (author)  mmjv3 years ago
How old is your laptop, and how old is your router?

Also, check your router configuration to see if the SSID broadcast is disabled. :)