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Grano6 years ago
I'd like to create a chatbot using C#.. Did you have the tutorial? How to connect Aiml with C#? Thanks in advance..
amit singh6 years ago
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theseventhsage (author)  amit singh6 years ago
Download for free the ebook entitled "7 Simple Ways to Make Money" at http://thebibleformula.webs.com/free.htm If you have other questions, please let me know...
What is "THE FORMULA" aforementioned in your About Me: sidebar?
theseventhsage (author)  alltootechnical6 years ago
Just visit http://thebibleformula.webs.com

Thanks. Very useful site!
skunkbait7 years ago
You have a very impressive website! I am interested in mathmatics as they relate to the Bible. I read a bit of Greek (slowly but surely), and am very impressed with the KJV translation method. However, I am curious about your opinion of the manuscripts used for the KJV. DO you think they are as good as the older manuscripts used in translating the ASV, NASB, and NRSV? The translational approach is similar, and the textual disparities are minute, but occasionally I find notable differences.
theseventhsage (author)  skunkbait7 years ago
Thanks for the reply. And thanks for the links. I'll read the longer one tonight at work when things are going slow. I definitely believe in the inerrancy of the scripture as handed down by the Spirit to the Prophets, Apostles, and other inspired scribes. My problem though is still in the ability of translators to translate correctly, with no bias, from the best manuscripts. The KJV is DEFINITELY sufficient. It has been more effective in presenting the Gospel to more people than any other version. But what about previous versions, Tyndale etc? I know why they aren't perfect, but did God decide to deliver perfection ONLY through KJV translator? ANd what did faithful people use from the 300s until 1611? Also, does the Apocrypha really belong in the canon? It was in the original KJV, and in many editions up until the 1880's. Certainly only Papists and likeminded folks believe that Judith, Tobit, Bel and the Dragon, etc. are actually INSPIRED. (They are neat stories, but hardly seem inspired.) Let me know what you think. THanks.
theseventhsage (author)  skunkbait7 years ago
theseventhsage (author)  skunkbait7 years ago
God promised a perfect Bible. If it is not the King James Bible, what is it? There is no other qualified candidate, all modern versions are disqualified. Apocrypha is not a part of the O.T. as found in catholic bibles but between O.T. and N.T. for historical studies in old times. It was removed in the second printing of the KJB to purify it .
hi there! i wanted to use a mobile phone's camera or a mobile phone for wire less video transfer can you help me? by the u made a nice instructable. can oyu do me a favor of sending me reply via e-mail its hunter9t9@yahoo.com
Dartgunman7 years ago
How do you watch movies on the cell phone if you olny have 1GB of memory
theseventhsage (author)  Dartgunman7 years ago
Please read my reply to your inquiries in the comment section at the end of my instructable.
Dartgunman7 years ago
srry to ask you another question but do SD cards work in the phone too