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GreyBadger3 years ago
I found your magic antenna several days ago and thought it would be a great way to help my 88 year old aunt get better reception. Today when I returned to the page to get the pdf all I get is a blank screen. Any ideas what's up?
tigers58 (author)  GreyBadger3 years ago
I removed the Instructable from the website. When I was developing the antenna, I had no means of testing it rather than comparing the performance of the latest version to the performance of an commercially available antenna located in the same place in my home. I thought I was really "on to something" with the design when I decided to share it by posting the Instructable; however, in recent days I have received comments from people who have the necessary equipment to really test the performance of the antenna, and they have informed me that my Fractal Magic antenna does not perform as well as simple dipole or "bow tie" antennas. So, in the interest of honesty (tests by Instructables member PhilKE3FL using the Digiair Pro ATSC Signal Analyzer show that the Fractal Magic antenna is inferior to a simple bow tie antenna) and common sense (a bow tie and dipole antenna are both easier to construct than the Fractal Magic), I removed the Instructable from the website.
Perhaps PhilKE3FL can give you some help on an antenna for your aunt.
That's too bad. I wasn't worried about the signal strength. All of the stations in the Rogue Valley are relatively close. The Valley is located in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon and is only 30 miles long and maybe 15 miles wide. My problem is the transmitters are all in different quadrants. A bow tie facing northeast works fine for channel 5, but to get good reception on channel 10, you need to turn the antenna due east. For 12, the antenna needs to face south-southwest. I liked the omnidirectional aspect of your antenna. I figured it would allow my aunt to get good reception without having to change the placement of the antenna every time she changed the channel.

I think your antenna is a good idea. From my point of view its relatively easily and inexpensive build and can be disguised with photos and the like. To be honest, most of the HDTV antennas I see on Instructables look like something thrown together by a 16 year old wanna be geek. Some of us don’t like to see our houses cluttered with gadgets made from coat hangers and tin foil. Just because your design was not the perfect antenna does not mean it should be removed from consideration. Progress is made through experimentation and thinking outside the box (I can’t believe I just used that phrase.) From my point of view you design was not a failure just because a bow tie works better in a given situation. I would urge you to reinstate your Instructable and allow the users to choose the design that best fits their needs.
tigers58 (author)  GreyBadger3 years ago
OK GreyBadger,
I redid the instructable, removing all former instances of the use of the word "Magic" and have just republished it at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Indoors-Fractal-HDTV-Antenna/
Thanks! I appreciate that. I'm sure that others will find your antenna useful as well.
I've already printed out the template and will build the antenna this evening. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again

The cylindrical Fractal in a CD spindle case is pretty terrible at best. it, unfortunately suffers from the inability of 99% OF BUILDERS to be able to accurately runs the wire traces throught the paper with any kind of accuracy.

tigers58 (author) 3 years ago
I've missed something in the introduction to instructables, because I don't understand the purpose of this Orangeboard.
The purpose of the Orangeboard is to leave comments, praise or criticism on your profile.
tigers58 (author)  blkhawk3 years ago
Thank you!
You are welcome my good sir!