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tinkerC (author) 7 years ago
My first instructable will probably be a list of instructables, and a brief description. I get motivated if someone wants that, so please reply.
Do something with mac's. I want to see your knowledge of the mac os.
tinkerC (author)  robots1997 years ago
I am currently working on getting past the admin on Leopard. I have some basic hacks, more like discoveries. I will post in a bit more than a Month. The discoveries are Icon, and such, changes.
Do you know c++? And if you do, How do you get it on leopard
tinkerC (author)  robots1997 years ago
I do not know C++, yet. I know C and Java 5. XCode. Become a free developer, at connect.apple.com, and they let you get it. Compiler and IDE for C, C++, Java, Objective-C, and a few more.
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