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you are good at making instructables what happened you only have that really good 1 y have you stoped making them?
In desperation, I used an eight inch aluminum pie pan... throw-away type. Increased the signal about 10X. Many Thanks...
cdkolarik9 years ago
does this thing really work i have a dell inspiron 1501 with a built in wireless card. do i need to turn off my built in card or does this thing help it work better or does it not effect it at all. cdkolarik@yahoo.com
fegundez19 years ago
i seem to remember the instructable for wokfi that had a link to some guys in nz that were makingsignal bouncers using antennas and a can,with a small solar panel and a rechargeable batt to make the signal travel farther.have you any exp. with this?
SoulKeeper9 years ago
Hi, i'm interested to buil my own antena, i have bought a little wastebasket made from steel and have a solid steel base and and the sides have grates with small holes, less than 0.5 cm, the wastebasket have a diameter of 10.5" in the open part and like 8" in the base and have a height of 12-14", i was wondering if i can make a hole in the 8" base and put there my usb extension and them connect the usb wifi adapter and work as great as the others antena, can you please help me, sorry for my bad english, i'm from venezuela, do you have a email, that i can contact yo, mine is gazielhalabi@hotmail.com