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MayankY2 months ago

tinkernut says that code is avaiblable at this website

but i didnt find any code

MayankY2 months ago

please give me code for controlling arduino phone control car without motorshield

AlonzoW1 year ago

Is the cxem app no longer in the android app store?

Debuggers2 years ago
nice work sir.
I have done all connection.
and downloaded the app.when i try to connect to the bluetooth it comes socket failed. pls explain me what is socket failed means.and how it can be corrected.

socket failed means the bluetooth module is not connected

apravin2 years ago

Hai i am faceing some problem in simple RC car using bluetooth.... motor driver is not responding what to do?

renedev2 years ago
help with Simple Rc Car (android control over Blueetooth)

Hi there Tolik777, first of all, thank you so much for providing this amazing guide, it helps beginners like myself to get started into the world of electronics.

I'm an engineering student but quiet frankly, I have always had trouble understanding electronics, I'm majoring in computer systems engineering and we have to take some courses involving electronics, for this one course, we have to develop a project using Arduino, so my teammates and I decided to present this project as our final project.

We bought every item you told us to use, we are using Arduino Leonardo, and we got everything hook up and the wiring is fine, the only issue we are having is that it seems the Arduino Code is not working for Arduino Leonardo, so I was going to ask you if its possible you can help us find a way for this code to work on Arduino Leonardo?

Once again thank you so much and we will really appreciate if you can help us save our project. Thanks Tolik.
Sir. we are also using and understanding arduino.... and have many questuons...
about wirings... because we are controlling rc car using arduino android phone bluetooth...
need some help for wirings.. :thanks :)
renedev renedev2 years ago
The reason I'm posting this in here is because I can't post it on your article, it says to fill in the two words but I can't see any captcha so I had no choice but to ask you here, sorry for the inconvenience.