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tommy boy, I saw your post on the "Mad Scientists Light"... I love the photo of the guy holding the big gatlin gun. Where did you get it? it is awesome!
tommyboy (author)  frankenchicken9 years ago
He's my favorite, glad you like it! It's from Commando Cody vs Radar Men from the Moon, an old RKO classic. It can be found in DVD for cheap. It's great for a heckle in old MST3000 style. Where else can you fire big guns on the moon in polyester pants and leather jacket? And this one now is from Captain Video....I think....
these are killer.... Love it.

I love that really kitschy, smarmy, retro stuff like that. Most of the time when you see vintage pics, they are of the 50's with the "leave it to beaver" type of feel. I think they are so cool because of the mindset of what people really thought "science fiction" was. Like some of the early Flash Gordon flicks... they have some pretty "cutting edge" special effects (for the time :-) in which they were produced... But now, with all the technology we have, we lose sight of he fact that in that era, they basically only had a two ways of making special effects. Either you made it for real or airbrushed it in later.

I'm not sure if you have ever checked out the film/video archives they have at archive.org, but they have lots of these old film digitized and can be downloaded.

Some of the Flash Gordon stuff is located here:


or here as a keyword search:


MST3000!!!! man, I must have been living under a rock... I forgot all about that show. I use to watch all the time. Is it even still on the running?

Pretty nifty. Thanks for sharing.