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RomanA71 year ago

I sent you a private message regarding the Daewoo Leganza...whether you still like tinkering with cars or not, please either call or text me so I'll know whether or not you are interested.

Daewoo Leganza.jpg
alterecho76 years ago
hiya is me!!!! srry i have not been on for a whils i finaly got my computer fixed ^.^ ... and i have been playing 3 online games... runescape,aq worlds,fieasta that kind of stuff........ well the poin is im back. ....................................... and i guess thats it......... hmm....................... reply if you get this.......... uhhh.................................... o_o............. real quiet.........................
toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
hahaha hi! id wondered where u had been, glad ur computer is fixed :D so how r u ? and wat r aq worlds and fieasta? i havent heard of them...

as for me, my main projects lately have been this old vintage schwinn bike im restoring...its slow going and i need more parts now but its super fun! (maybe ive mentioned it b4 idk lol) u working on anything new? more bows and arrows? ;) our renaissance festival is finally in town!!! im so excited, i think ill be going within the next few weeks
alterecho76 years ago
wow you must realy like blades just like me XD i have made only 1 sword it took me about 4days to make and it took about 14 months to find a real sword smith. but other then that i hope i can make some more awesome stuff from you XP
toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
I do love blades! How did you find a swordsmith? That would be awesome to have an actual sword haha...is yours like battle-ready or for display?
im srry i have not been talking to you but my fan that pumps the coolnt broke and im waiting 4 a new one to come.
toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
oh thats okay, so wat else do you like besides swords?

i like the donut pic btw ;-)

i also like to make darts.blow darts, and bows and arrows ;-) im an archer at heart lol

toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
ahh thts awesome! ive done archery a couple times...i really liked it :) how do u make darts? and did u buy ur bow(s) and stuff or make it? i wanted to make one but theres not good wood 4 it where i am haha
oh me and a friend make them our selfs its real fun makeing the bows but the arrows are kinda hard to make. and how i make my darts i look online on how to make them.
toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
thts so cool :D how do u make the bows? sry i didnt reply i had finals for first semester at school :/
alterecho76 years ago
hey its me again i just wanted to ask you do you play a game called runescape??? if you do add me my rs name is *alterecho7*
toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
oh i used to play runescape a lot!! mostly in the summer but i havent in months...i became a member and then stopped the membership so it got not as fun but idk i havent in a while, i added u tho, so if im ever online ill meet up with u :)
im PercyJ29 i havent been online in so long, lots has changed haha

maybe c u around runescape :D
alterecho76 years ago
its a little of both but mostly for display but the sad thing is..... i dont remember where the sword smith is DX
toolgal29 (author)  alterecho76 years ago
aww :( haha well im not sure ill get a battle ready sword yet...kind of expensive but someday :) we have a renaissance festival near where i live and ive heard its awesome so im definitely going to that this year and looking around :D