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raja6815 years ago
Hi i saw your comment on the rocket powered glider could you post an ible or slideshow or something
trike road poet (author)  raja6815 years ago
If I can find the drawings and stuff on it. Its scrap now, took a header into a paved parking lot and totalled itself in a grand way. Even ruined the little digital camera we had installed in it! Rocket propelled gliders fly best if vertaically launched, and have the wings folded. You get the greatest height that way.
Once the rocket motor reaches burnout, the parachute ejection charge will blow the motor out of the motor tube, and causes a weight shift to flight settings. As the motor clears the holding tube, a simple rubber band set up pulls the wings together and so extend them. The motor ejecting, unclips the wingtips joined together and allows them to snap out fully.
The rudder setting must be neutral (straight ahead) until the motor goes, then it must kick over to the side a bit, so the glider makes a large circle to even have a chance of keeping it in the area.
Two big points with these sort of projects, you WILL have to chase them a long ways, so put in a simple radio tracker transmitter, and do this out in the country!!!
If you are NOT a model flyer, know that such models are hard to build and fly. they are not a first time model simply because you have some serious design to do and nothing ever goes as easy as we think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Think of piles of balsa, paint, monocoat, and sweat equity stuck in the ground.)