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Aeshir9 years ago
I've read some stuff about the book, including an excerpt and well, i'm pretty much a total n00b when it comes to it. It seems to advanced to me. i need some type of full example or something.
wackyvorlon (author)  Aeshir9 years ago
If you're just getting started, it may prove a bit advanced. You might want to look into getting your ham radio license, the material usual gives a very good coverage of basic electronics.
wackyvorlon (author)  Aeshir9 years ago
Getting licensed for amateur radio often involves learning basic electronics. I've found it to be a great way to get started, and it opens up the doors to play with a lot of nifty technology.
Do they give you pamphlets or books about it or something?
wackyvorlon (author)  Aeshir9 years ago
A lot depends on which country you are in, because the regs are different in each. ARRL has a lot of information on getting licensed in the US, and RAC in Canada.