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Adam V5 years ago
Ok, I follo0wed your tutorial on haw to use laptop for your xbox wireless connection and ive run into a snag. I followed your directions to the t but its just not working. The LAN just says network cable unplugged. I'm using windowws vista on a Dell purple netbook. I really need help. I also am using a community network that is being broadcasted for free by the people who own my apartment complex. I would greatly appreciate the help. I aslo tried the bridge thing but still no luck
walamoonbeam (author)  Adam V5 years ago
Your computer might have 2 LAN ports. Make sure you're selecting the one that you are plugged into when you bridge or use my method. If you only have 1 LAN port, you might have some virtual ports, and may be accidentally trying to use those. If you only have 1 Local Area Network Connection thing in your connections manager, then the cable might be broken.
Yeah, there's only 1 LAN thing in my connections manager and only one LAN port on my laptop. Is there like a specific type of cable that i need? I also have the most recent update on my xbox. Its not the new xbox slim. I got the update form the Kinect. I'm thinking, quite possibly, the update might be what's to blame? There's also a thing in my connection manger labeled MSN? I apologize for bombarding you with so many questions; I just really want to get this to work. SO you think getting a new cable would be the most probable solution?
icumgreen6 years ago
On ur xbox to wireless thing it is giving me this message about how i need to renew my ip adress and idk how to do it.. can u help?
R3L3NT6 years ago
yeah same here. i went through all the steps on how to bridge the connections to and all that but when i try to test the connection on my 360 it tells me that it cant obtain an ip? what do i do?
n8grey7 years ago
Hey walamoonbeam, I want to bridge my laptop to my 360. I dont have internet, I use my meighbors wifi. Is it still possible for me to get this to work and get on xbox live? I'd love any help you can give.
walamoonbeam (author)  n8grey7 years ago
Yeah. You should be able to do so. Do you need help on how to do that?
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