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  • wbraun1 commented on Masterdude's instructable Easy Biodegradable Plastic6 months ago
    Easy Biodegradable Plastic

    I want to use this in a form made up a form made from schedule 40 PVC double walled tube, to make a biodegradable round tube with a closed end approximately 6" long and 2" OD. Can I use a regular oven in place of a microwave and at a temp of approximately 130 degrees (so not to melt the PVC).

    Sounds great. My mold is Schedule 40 PVC and I am afraid the microwaving will damage the mold. Suggestions please.

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  • wbraun1 commented on Brandon121233's instructable Make Potato Plastic!6 months ago
    Make Potato Plastic!

    Is there a way to make this where the final product is a thick liquid so it can be poured into a complicated mold?

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