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I love your instructables!

Abber11 year ago

Wholman, I enjoyed all your instructables but I think you are missing a much needed one, a shoe rack or holder, I would love it if you can shoot some ideas, I can come up with something as original as yours! Thanks.

I love how most of your woodworking projects use recyled and scrap wood. Keep up the good work
Chirpoff5 years ago
82% featured! WOW! Good for you! :D
dombeef5 years ago
Hey, I joined instructables a few days before you!
Mine: Jun 16, 2008
Yours: Jun 23, 2008

Although you are a bit more successful :D
instruct395 years ago
fantastic instructables!
Wow you content amazing
bertus52x116 years ago
You have an impressive list of furniture projects!
nickodemus6 years ago
Wow. I think someone should make a furniture guide fro your 'ibles. Nice work.
Wasagi7 years ago
Wholman = Furniture Genius? I think so.
Ever been to My Life Is Average
 I love that website!
That's what I tough of when you said "I think so".
Capt. Fat7 years ago
Why not make a desk out of something? Capt. Fat waz Here