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tzankoff3 months ago

Hello Wolffan. I think Belvedere is pretty darn cool and have decided to build one of my own. I might have a few questions down the line that I would like to ask, but for now I was wondering specifically how you attached body to the chassis. Please let me know when you get a chance. Thanks!

wolffan (author)  tzankoff3 months ago
Glad you like Belvedere! The cardboard tube body is attached to 3 small right angle brackets at the base. The body sits on a flat acrylic plate and wingnut screws go through holes in the cardboard into threaded holes on the angle brackets. Does this make sense?
tzankoff wolffan3 months ago
Hey Andy.

Yes, this makes sense. I can see the right angle brackets and figured there were screws or pins that went into them. I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the information. I am not building his body just yet. I just now got my Create 2 and wanted to make sure that I can successfully program him to go from one place to all the others (possibly as many as 9!!!), I will be using a mapping system similar to the one you described in your Instructable. You'll probably hear from me again sooner or later with more questions. Take care.
Trevor.c4 years ago
Hello Wolffan I have sent you a personal mesage and it would mean alot to me if you looked at it and contacted me back.
Trevor.c4 years ago
Hello Wolffan I have sent you a personal mesage and it would mean alot to me if you looked at it and contacted me back.
kashyap134 years ago
hey can you make a VERY VERY detailed instructable on how you made this and also i would like to know the cost of this amazing creation
ducttape176 years ago
Were did you get your electric components? I have been searching all over the web and have only found the Aurdino MEGA microcontroller.
wolffan (author)  ducttape175 years ago
Some of my favorites:

local Radio Shack
dannelle6 years ago
How did you make your robot go to tthe kitchen using those buttons does it have like a memory or if you change your house are you able to tell or show where the kitchen or the bathroom is? Will he come when you call his name so when you need to give something to sumbody just call his name and tell him to give it to sumbody or you have to make a remote for it? thanks big fan of your robot!
wolffan (author)  dannelle5 years ago
Hi Dannelle,
Sorry I didn't respond for so long...

The various locations are saved as coordinates on a grid. For example, the kitchen has a saved point of (5,20) and the living room has a saved point of (21,6). The grid is a 2-D array in the code that I overlayed on a plan of our house. If I need to change the location, I have to update the (x,y) position. Belvedere does not have voice recognition at this point, but it could be added! Same goes for a remote. The possibilities are endless! Unfortunately, time is not endless :(

ducttape176 years ago
Do you have any instructions that are more in depth? I don't have much skill in robotics and think this is a robot i can really learn from.
wolffan (author)  ducttape176 years ago
Just another thought...my robot's source code can give you many insights into its design. But, you would first need to understand Arduino code (C code). Keep in mind that the source code may not have consistent or complete commenting. This is just a hobby for me and I am busy taking care of my 1 year old son!
wolffan (author)  ducttape176 years ago
I would be happy to answer any questions you have about a specific area of my robot. However, it would be difficult for me to write up detailed instructions for my robot. What areas of robotics are your strengths? Weaknesses? (mechanical construction, electronics, programming). My robot uses similar sensors and controllers as other hobby robots. I just put them together in a way that I wanted so that I could create Belvedere. Here are some websites that helped me learn a lot: Society of Robots (www.societyofrobots.com) Arduino microcontrollers (www.ardiuno.cc) Let's Make Robots (letsmakerobots.com) Ladyada's website (http://www.ladyada.net/make/index.html)
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