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Sure! Your stuff is pretty cool!

Thanks! Your stuff is cool too! :D

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Sure! Your stuff is pretty cool! :)
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Sure! Your stuff is awesome!

Why the YouTube name change?

www139 (author)  Rubik Builder LLC3 months ago
We created our original youtube channel in 2013 when Weston was 12. We decided to create the account under my name since I was 13. Now that we are both more open to the idea of using youtube, we decided to create a new channel that would belong to both of us. Before, it was only under my name (William) but we have changed the name to "Green Connector". We have plans to do more with our youtube channel so we decided to do it now.

Clever name, since the YouTube Channel Connects the Green brothers.

btw I'm going to be k'nex fan of the month this September!

www139 (author)  Rubik Builder LLC3 months ago

that's exactly the logic we had... And we do knex (connector). Hey, that's awesome!! I really can't wait to read your story! :)

It's actually going to be pretty outdated by time it gets published! (when I wrote the article, I had just built Geometric)

www139 (author)  Rubik Builder LLC3 months ago

Yeah, that's kind of how it was for us. We were asked to write a story in February 2015 but were featured in June.

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Yah give me your email if you want. We could chat I guess.