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Jan. 30, 2012
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Just a regular guy, like to have fun, hates doing "chores" wish I didn't have to work 60 hours a week so i could spend more time in my garage doing the fun stuff.... lol Im into shooting, Gun Smithing, R/C flying, Photography, Wood working, wood Turning, Drum making, Old school off road trikes, I have a 1985 Yamaha YTM 225 DXN I rebuilt and made...
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      • Fast, cheap, simple Ipad / Iphone stylus
      • Staples Binder Clip container Ring flash for point and shoot cams
  • zacker commented on M3G's instructable Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!3 weeks ago
    Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!

    lol thanks. it was a great show... funny as hell.

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  • A Cabin in the woods...a work in progress........

    nice... my property here in the North East is all ledge and you cant dig a hole anywhere without hitting some boulder or something...lol You should have seen me trying to hand dig the post holes for a split rail fence, I dug up more rocks... its no wonder why there are so many rock walls in the woods around here. I couldn't imagine being a farmer back in the day using horses to plow fields full of stone! Great job so far on the Cabin..its an inspiration!

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  • Learn To Do Aluminum Sand Casting

    very cool video. I have to try and find some of that sand... can I use dirt from my yard? I used it for casting a few cement garden containers for my wife..it worked ok but I didn't have to handle the forms so I don't know if after packing it down, if it would stay in he flask if I moved them around too much..lol it did pack pretty good though. Its kind of clay like but sandy.

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  • Recycling A PC Internal Card Reader - Make it External & Portable

    ...sure is. Hopefuly it will help someone else out of a jam!

    Thanks for the reply.. yeah I tried most of that then thought, "you know what? its easier just to go buy a multi card reader and be done with it!" lol

    Thanks for the reply.. yeah I tried most of that then thought, "you know what? its easier just to go buy a multi card reader and be done with it!" lol

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  • zacker commented on romanursuhack's instructable How to Unlock Your Car in 30 Seconds3 months ago
    How to Unlock Your Car in 30 Seconds

    While I admit I WAS sucked in by the first Pic, I did watch the whole video waiting for it to get to the part where you put the string into the key hole but it never happened. It didn't really bother me though. I guess those Court ordered Anger Management classes really did work after all!

    Doesn't this site have a "Be nice" policy? I thought it did but it could just be from a beautiful dream I had where everyone on the internet weren't such snarky know-it-all's all the time! lol

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  • zacker commented on velacreations's instructable Solar Food Dryer3 months ago
    Solar Food Dryer

    with all the trays loaded and the unti in the sun and the temp inside it at 130... how long does it take to dryout the fruit? (apples)

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