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zeroemission (author) yesterday
the media player, amp, mains, and trailer i'll be using to start with:
Xduoo-X2.jpgplanet audio BB1200,4  amplifier top.jpgproel flash 8 speakers (resized).jpgSchwinn-Trailblazer-Double-Bicycle-Trailer.jpg
zeroemission (author) yesterday
hi everybody! i've been away for some time now, but should be posting another slideshow soon. i'm FINALLY building a bike trailer system after so long, and already have about half of the system. i have a really nice & 96dB efficient pair of 8 inch DJ speakers made by italian brand proel. they might sound like an off brand, but the speakers list for about $500 a pair, are really heavy for their size, and use celestion drivers including a titanium compression tweeter in a waveguide. i haven't pushed them yet, but at lower volumes, they sound very relaxed, image nicely, and in particular have a smooth midrange and nice treble speed, but do have light bass. i couldn't resist the $100 deal i got for the pair at MCM electronics after researching them and listening to online demos. they were intended as temporary speakers too until i have finances to upgrade, but will serve as really nice sounding as well as efficient mains in the meantime.

i have a 20" aluminum schwinn trailblazer trailer i bought specifically because it's just wide enough to be able to cram a pair of 2x12" sealed boxes, but i'll be starting with a single MCM 15" 92dB @ 4 ohm poly woofer with a rubber surround at a rock bottom $22 mounted in a 1.9 cubic foot sealed box, probably belva, i can get just up the street for $42.

as to amps, i bought a $110 planet audio BB1200.4 @ 4 channel class D amp that SUPPOSEDLY can do 200wpc at 4 ohms and 600w times 2 channels bridged. i was planning on using small & light sure class D modules, but they would require 36v or more and would make another 12v battery necessary if i wanted to add a car EQ/crossover and 36v+ power meters are hard to find. going full 12v simplifies things and would allow for easily adding an inverter to power AC disco lights in the future. the plan is to run the proals at 200wpc on the front channels, and the sub bridged on the rear channel, but the instruction manual makes no reference to that and only shows 2 & 4 channel wiring. i specifically bought this amp because both front & back channels have HP/flat/LP continuously variable filters so theoretically no crossovers are needed and the 18dB bass boost option would be especially nice when i get everything rolling with just the proels which need more bass.

i already have my source too, an xduoo X2 media player that many consider the best sound you can get in the $50 range. it plays full fidelity WAVs, has a nice sturdy aluminum case with a flat back that should make building a thumb control mount for my bike's handlebars easier, and i really liked that it has 5 separate aluminum buttons with silver beveled edges for navigation and volume instead of the standard plastic "unibuttons" on most players. it looks like a miniature high end stereo component, and it is in fact. it sounds MUCH nicer than my PC's soundcard... more clarity, effortless and with a bit more bass weight. i'll probably upgrade down the road, but i've been collecting parts for the better part of half a year already starting with the speakers.

what i NEED to get rolling now is 2-3 electric wheelchair batteries to power everything as well as wiring, fuses and a circuit breaker for a power switch and a battery charger. i'll add the sub as soon as possible after that. hopefully, i'll be rolling with at least the proels inside a month and get the sub "for christmas"... about the time it'll be too cold to ride at night here.

it will take more time to get pictures up too as i no longer own a camera. when i get to at least "stage 2" (15" sub), i want to make a high quality video with good mics and post a video on youtube. this should be one of the better sounding systems if not the loudest.

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