What do we call ourselves?

We need a term for members of the Instructables community. En'iblers? Instructablists? Any other suggestions?

Asked by ToniRose 8 years ago

Suggestion for pasta sauce to go with spinach flavoured dough

Hi, I have made a spinach flavored dough and want some suggestions for what pasta sauce would go well with it.Thanks

Asked by MoafaqA 2 months ago

Will laminated poster handle extreme temperatures?

Need to know if this poster will last in extrem temperature, if I laminate it (with clear plastic in one of those machines at copy store). Poster will be protected from direct sun and water, but will be subject to winter and summer temperatures in northern Illinois (negative 15 to 105 degrees). Thoughts? Or should I use a glue and no laminate?

Asked by Doowhop 8 days ago

DC motor

I had a 220v angle grinder. It was burnt. I take the rotor of the grinder out. Its completely fine. Now i make a DC motor using this rotor and magnets(for field current). My question is, how much maximum DC volts this motor can take to get the maximum RPM. Because the motor was 220v AC, Will it run on 220v DC?

Asked by Shezi007 2 months ago

Café Twin Arts and Science Community Advisory

Http://cafetwinctv.blogspot.com/ Cafe Twin Community TV Show__ A Bridge to Music and Science with conversation and project development on a community level and via community twining as demonstrated post World War II in Europe with leadership from France and Germany Twitter ID: waldenthreenet

Posted by cafetwin 5 years ago

Community Website design? Could Drupal be used and what would be the minimum modules to make it happen?

Community Website design? Could Drupal be used and what would be the minimum modules to make it happen? Could it be done with the basic installation? Could a step by step be done?

Posted by josheeg 6 years ago

drupal to community website with multiple logins and protection for multiple users from robo spamming.?

drupal to community website with multiple logins and protection for multiple users from robo spamming? How would it be done with the least stuff added to drupal 7.9? I know their are plugins are they nessisary? WHat level of functionality is in the basic drupal install and what is the minimum needed to be added?

Asked by josheeg 6 years ago

Why did you join Instructables?

Just wondering what aspect of this particular DIY community everyone finds appealing. For me it is the non-curatorial structure, allowing the community to invent and publish the content and participate on our own terms.

Posted by pdip_stiffi 10 years ago

How do you "unjoin" a group or community?

I recently joined the homemade firearms community and realized that the group is focused on highly illegal NFA weapon construction and i want no part of it.   I thought this would be a group of mature law abiding amateur gunsmiths building legal single shot, bolt guns or semi-auto rifles and handguns but based on the few posts I read, this is not the case.

Asked by GDC 8 years ago

Stuff won't show up in "tech"

Whenever I post something to the category "tech" in the community section, my topic doesn't show up! It shows up in other places, though.

Posted by mdj817 10 years ago



Posted by abeer thakkar 6 years ago

Flywheel fuelless generator

How to construct a 50 kw flywheel fuelless generator using alternator ,motor ,and flywheel..?

Asked by bilalhafiz28 4 months ago

New Instructables Community Section

Last night we released a re-worked version of the forums as part of our new Community section. We quickly built the previous version of the forums more than a year ago to give people a place to discuss and share things that weren't quite full Instructables. The forums quickly grew way beyond what we had originally designed them to do, and last night we finally got a chance to improve them.The forums are now organized into categories, with a Market Place section and a Help section, and addition to the general forum. There's even a special forum category exclusively for K'Nex. If like the old forum sorting, that's still available by clicking view all on any of the three sections. Also, you can now preview your forum topic before you post it, or leave it unpublished but saved in case you have something more to add. Tell us what you like, and help us find and squash any bugs!

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Banking capacitor for household electricity

Anyone here knows how to make a banking capacitor for residential? what is the right capacitor and value for the electricity banking?

Asked by dangzching 5 months ago

I want to be friends

I am a nice person; always have been with everyone around me. Me and a family member (distant) only know each other here, and making friends with the community is hard. Does anyone want to be friends? It's cool if you don't follow us or something, but it would be nice that some people have some notice to us. This goes for all other people on Instructables, so I hope anyone that reads this will give support to each other.

Posted by Inverted_Spectrum 7 years ago

A Love Letter to the Instructables Community

Dear fellow contributors, Halloween is approaching, and that was what first got me involved in the Instructables community. I haven't posted anything in about a year now.  We bought a house, and all the maintenance that comes with that took away my free time for projects.  Then I got promoted to a position I've always been after, which is also more time consuming.  Then when i finally reclaimed some free time, I started volunteering taking photos for a local animal shelter to help get cats re-homed faster, AND started fostering under-sized kittens for another shelter! All of this has been great life stuff, but it has left the craft room in my new house woefully underused. Just wanted to write and express my appreciation for this community. When I was posting projects, I was immersed! I loved seeing what other people made and interacting with the makers. I loved helping to judge contests and the thrill of seeing if i would place in one myself.  Instructables gave me a creative outlet back when I was in positions at work that were less satisfying. Instructables gave me a whole world of people to connect with when my own world was so small.  Thanks to those individuals who were always supportive, celebratory, and who answered questions for a newbie.  Thanks to the hardworking staff at Instructables to were always great communicators and who choose such fun challenges and prizes! This place is great. I hope to make a return to posting Instructables someday when life slows down. Maybe about kitten fostering, since I now have plenty of experience with that! Just wanted to say thanks, and to tell my fellow makers never to take your free time for granted.  It is a gift! Keep sharing your gifts with others :)

Posted by ashleyjlong 10 months ago


Can't delete topic. D:But someone was able to help me with some suggestions on who I could contact for what I was looking to do.

Posted by Hatcrazy 4 months ago

3000 watts inverter

Anyone knows how to build or make an inverter? a 3000watts inverter? can u give me the list of parts and picture diagram or schematic diagram? thanks guys

Asked by dangzching 4 months ago

I have a Galaxy bench grinder 6" on which the push- pull switch has failed

Assembley diagram for BGS8-076 PUSH OFF-PULL ON switch, can anyone help

Asked by MarkS773 3 months ago


Please Instructables, for the love of jesus, give me a tool to message all my followers.  I have important information I need to share with them and no way to do it. 

Posted by Fuzzy-Wobble 4 years ago

Making a robot that follow a button

Greeting everyoneI was wondering what is the easiest way to link a robot to a botton. so when I press the button it will come. also can I have multiple buttons and the robot will follow the buttons each one after the other ?

Asked by MarwahK 4 months ago

Why does this forum exist?

Okay, my topic is attention-getting and risks offending those that read it, however this is quite opposite of my purpose... It's long been my belief that the Instructables and Maker communities are populated by artists in their own right. There is nothing about finding the kinds of solutions that we find that says to me "this isn't art". I think that I'm biased though because I always think of my 'creations' through the lens of an artistic eye. Not necessarily that I have to make something "pretty", or value that over function, but that the function inevitably has an artistic aspect to it whether intentional or not. I'm not in a position now to make a lengthy essay to explain (or defend) my meaning, but I'm curious if there are other like-minded individuals that have something to say.

Posted by Subvert 10 years ago


Anybody belong to vampirerave.com? I would like to add you I passed on how amazing instructables is! Pic is a random picture - one of my favorites of a baby skull. The skull is not broken, thats how babys are when born. Thats why theyre very  delicate until the fontanelles "fuse"-I guess thats the word. Have a great day

Posted by FlatLinerMEDIC 6 years ago

Course for 3D pen

Hi,everyone:I am a teacher in primaly school in china,work as teaching 3D and arduino . Do you knowing of the course for 3D printing pen and arduino for primaly school sthdent, where can I to get it? I would like to make friends with someone who works as a maker education. if you do so,please pencil your contact method to me.Thank you!

Posted by 378621421 3 months ago

How can i get my PC to detect a WIFI signal again?

About 3 weeks ago, I was trying to update from win10 v 1709 to Win 10 version 1803 but I couldn't finish because the signal for this particular WiFi at the Lodge became so weak all of the sudden. Actually, the lodge has two routers- one with the excellent signal and the other with a very weak signal. What surprised me is that my android phone detects the signal immediately I enter the lodge premise but my PC won't. This WIFI network only shows up on the available networks for a few seconds and it disappears for hours. Sometimes I get lucky, it comes on and connects automatically but limited service. So I think my PC has a problem and not the router. Any help please. I'm stuck here for like 3 weeks, school work isn't easy to do anymore. I've atrached pictures from which u will see what Im talking about. I'll appreciate your responses.

Posted by Kale Vioe 6 weeks ago

What to do to MOD…

Hi Friends…„Prior go to further, I'm saying sorry to all, because of these three… 1. I'm novice 2. Putting this stupid question here 3. My bad EnglishOkay friends, thanks to you…„ to take a view to my question.I bought from local store an 'Open Ready Kit' to drive 5w, 10w, 12w LED chip, in a very cheap 15INR. Photoshot enclosed.Photoshot of PartThe components assembled therein as per the circuit diagram.Circuit DiagramI tested this on 5w LED chip. Its OK and glow likely good.But, the problem is„ when I touch the DC Vout wires, its clangoring me, like touch to alternative current. I havent Multimeter„ so I do not to mark what current it throws at that Vout Points. Both points jingling me something high no normal.I think„ theres no pure DC Vouts.I searched for MOD it at the web, but got confused. "But"… not bad, one advantage I have achieved to get some knowledge about the Electronic Circuit and Symbols of Electronic Component.I like to take Pure DC Vout at constant 11v or 12v. So„ what value of the Electrolytic Condenser to replace, and, Can I adjust one Zener Diode for desired Vout ?Question ? DiagramPlease Help…Attachements„ -- Photoshot of Part -- Circuit Diagram -- Question ? Diagram

Asked by free2atc 5 weeks ago

Annual Instructables Community Review

Hello, everyone, I would like to share with you my experience in this community for about 7 years of being a member here. Instructables members are very talented and very reliable also they are supportive. The community helps me to grow as an enthusiast in technology. This community is very educational. I really recommended this community for any makers around the world. I love being a member here and show what I made. I believe sharing is caring, so if we share each other's idea our world will be better for the next generations. I am lucky of being part of Instructables Community since 2009! (Wareneutron) P.S. Review this community by leaving a simple reply to this post! I hope everyone will share their thoughts and opinions or even feedback about this growing community of makers.

Posted by WarenGonzaga 9 months ago


I love this community section! ilove instructables, and i love craigslist, and this new for sale spot.... well, it combines the best of both worlds! yee baby. I love this site

Posted by alvincredible 10 years ago

Knex Community. How large is it right now?

I used to be very active on this site MANY years ago. However, school took priority and I let knex sit for a while. Now i'm kinda interested in the physics of it. However, it seems as though the community has died a bit. If ANYONE is still involved in the knex gun making community, PLEASE comment here! I'd like to gauge how large it is. THANKS!

Asked by knexsniper1 5 years ago

Help us decide upcoming contests!

EDIT THIS FORM IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!For contest suggestion, check out this thread:https://www.instructables.com/topics/What-kinds-of-contests-do-YOU-want-to-see-on-Instr/ We can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!@audreyObscuraInstructables Community Manager

Posted by audreyobscura 5 months ago

What is this?

Can any of you intelligent people out there please please please tell me what this item is.

Asked by IainM31 6 weeks ago

Instrutables HELP!!!

Can someone pleaes help me and my ideas i have some the just need revised.

Posted by Mandudehey 9 years ago

Please Allow Me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Greetings Folks! My name is Randy and I am a "new" member of the Community Management staff. For those of you who have been around a while, you may remember me from my time as serving as the first Community Manager of this website starting in 2007, or from my role as the Technology Editor in 2010, or even as the founder of the Instructables Design Studio back in 2013.  Albeit a lot has changed in my life since I last spent some time hanging out here in the forums - I completed grad school... moved to NYC... decided to get married... - my enthusiasm for this website has not.  I'm super-excited to be back in the role of community manager and more actively participating on the site.  I look forward to getting know everybody new, and catching up with those of you who have also been around forever (lookin' at you Kiteman and Caitlinsdad!) Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback for me. 

Posted by randofo 6 months ago

How to bookmark a project

Does anyone know how to bookmark an Instructables project so that I can come back to it? Thanks. Scott U.

Posted by sumphrey 2 months ago

Instructables Website Redesigned!

Have you noticed any changes here? Well, I am experiencing the biggest changes on this website. Everything is lot cooler now! I really enjoy the community now. Everything here is new and even the project pages are super cool. They add "Add Tip", "Ask A Question" buttons... all I can say it is super cool now. I like the changes.... what can you say about the biggest change here?

Posted by WarenGonzaga 5 months ago

(removed by author or community request)

Why can't Instructables do away with the "removed by author or blah blah blah" thing. It just clutters things up, and doesn't really serve a purpose. If instructables wants the person that made the comment to know it was removed, email them. Any time we have to remove something that can't be edited, it leaves behind this garbage. Before, there was a set rhyme and reason to deleting posts and not having that happen (bottoms up!), but recently I created a post which was the first reply to the first comment in my $1 security hardware instructable, and noticed a glaring error in it and IMMEDIATELY deleted it (because there was no EDIT function) and it left one of these steaming piles of Yak poo in the comment thread. PLEASE - GET RID OF THESE ANNOYANCES! Win7 Ultimate Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.19 beta-m Aura $1 PC Hardware Security Power Lockout deleting reply

Posted by SuperTech-IT 4 years ago

Computer wont turn on

I plugged an external disk drive into my computer not realizing I had the wrong power cable for it and it turned my computer off instantly and will not power back on. How do i fix this?

Asked by KodiB4 2 months ago

Screen driver and raspberry

Hi, could you help me? I found this photo player and I would like to know how to connect my raspberry pi3 or connect an av input Thank you Screen work in 5v 2amp.

Asked by c510k 4 months ago

I aten't dead

Honest.... This is probably the longest I've been off the site since joining, a combination of lots of work to do and a busy festive season.  I'll be properly back soon, hopefully with photos of some smaller projects mostly done as gifts.

Posted by PKM 7 years ago

How can i create a electronic device to push up my rocket?

I face some problem of create my own rocket thats means i need some push device of my rocket ~

Asked by sharon348 2 months ago

Out of range alarm

I'm working on a project where I need to have a transmitter and a receiver with an alarm, so when they are apart a certain distance the alarm goes off. I need the alarm to be attached with the transmitter not the receiver, where it will be attached to a valuable stuff for example.

Posted by AmmarK22 5 months ago

Did i broke my brand new battery?

I bought a brand new 12volts 12amps battery and use it to charge my phone through a car charger but i made a mistake and reversed the connection of terminal, did i broke my battery?

Asked by EmanA36 3 months ago

Why is Instructables so great?

Hi my name’s Padraig and I’m doing an online ethnography project for one of my modules in college. I’m a member of this site and I’m curious as to whether or not everybody else agrees that the site facilities this kind of D.I.Y. activity far better than traditional person-to-person social groups, oh and also, of course, why you enjoy using instructables and that sort of thing. Like I said I’m a student, I’m not some sleazy market researcher, I’m really interested in instructables as a community and would hugely appreciate any replies to my questions. Answer whatever you like and feel free to add anything you think is worth mentioning. 1 - What is you age, gender, general location? 2 - How often would you say you visit the site? 3 - Do you use the forum often and participate in discussion? 4 - Do you find that having access to the various instructions submitted to the site has directly affected how often you yourself make things by hand? 5 - Do you feel that the site allows you to express a side of your personality which you may not usually have the opportunity to express offline? 6 - If you answered yes to the previous question, then why? 7 - Do you attend offline events that are promoted through the forum? 8 - Do you talk with any Instructable members outside of the site, either online (MSN Messenger etc.) or offline (Events)? 9 - Have you experienced a sense of competition in producing bigger and better instructables or is the atmosphere more laid back, is this good or bad in you opinion? 10 - Do you feel that the community offers a decent support network of friends and like minded individuals? 11 - Would you consider members like threadbanger and giannyl (etc.) to be instructable’s very own cult of celebrities? Cheers.  

Posted by Bearch 7 years ago

The Neighbors Project

Today's feature is the Neighbors Project. How well do you know your neighbors, and your neighborhood? The Neighbors Project covers some easy ways to get acquainted. Start with the basics, like How to say Hi to a stranger on the street and How to make sure your neighbors get their mail if it ends up in your box, then move on to more complicated projects like How to get a tree planted on your block and How to increase produce in your local corner store. Your neighborhood is what you make it, so choose to make your community a better place! The Neighbors Project can help. Check them out, and get inspired. So, what are you doing in your neighborhood?  How would you like to help out? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

Posted by canida 8 years ago

Help me to make a led panel

Hello guys.. I want to build a led board for my planted aquarium... the total watt requirement is 84 watt.. so I decided to add 16 5watt 12 volt smd led chip... but I hv some confusion about the circuit.. plss help me to build the board.. its urgent...

Posted by আহারেব 5 months ago


Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone knows how to make Arduinos work with Unreal engine?Im a student and were in the making of a simple game thats gonna be controlled by the players voice. That is we want a Arduino to handle the voice and we want to find a good way for Unreal to talk to the Arduino. Preferrably the solution should work on a Mac.Hope there is someone out there who knows this :)Best wishes /David

Asked by DavidS1597 4 months ago

Help page: author, the answers

Q1. How can I change password? A1. Press setting then click, password. Q2. Why is my instrutable is not update? A2. Because, it take time to update your instrutable. Q3. I want to make new group but where? A3. Click on, Submit, then click on, Make a new group, but make sure you don't have the same name of the group as the other group.  

Posted by wat. 7 years ago

​I have numerous documents in my .rar archive

Some days ago I added new info in it. Today it denied opening, I only saw a message: "The header of the Docs.rar file is corrupt". I applied some winrar repairing software from various resources of Google, but no one of it couldn't aid me. Also I tried built-in WinRAR feature, I didn't give any positive result.

Asked by camillamiles 2 days ago