Screenshots of boot screens and bios menus?

Working on an Instructable for how to rock the windows/linux dual-boot... does anyone know how people get screenshots of boot screens and bios menus? I'm really trying to avoid just using a camera and doing it the ugly way.

Asked by daedalus12 8 years ago

Screen shot question

Ok, I've seen this before, its like a screenshot of your entire computer screen but so you can go in and type stuff and it will record what you do. like in a video format, any ideas how you can do this?

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

Got a BLOB image when trying to upload a screenshot using copy paste

1. using windows 7 with chrome 30 summary: While preparing a new instructable, I wanted to add a screenshot image. I clicked upload image,  and copy pasted my screenshot.  To reproduce: 1. Start a new instructable and click the +Upload button (where you get the "Drag files here" area 2. Click Printscrn to take a screenshot of your screen 3. Press Cntrl+v to paste it (don't drag anything) 4. A thubmail of the picture will appear, saying that it is ready for upload 5. upload the picture result Instead of an image, you'll see the text Blob. Try to edit the blob image fails, with a link leading to a 403 "Request forbidden by administrative rules." expected result: The image would  now be added to the step * If possible, please fix and remove the blob from my instructable to be here.

Posted by ykohavi 4 years ago VLC plugin take screen shot from the running video ?

Hello every one, I'm making a program in VB.NET that includes a VLC Plugin, according to the video running in the plugin some actions will be taken, my problem is in making a simple button that simply takes a screen shot of that video, I tried to use : , but it gives me an error and I even can't know where will that snapshot will be saved ! So please help me in this, and another question ... how can I make it record too ?

Asked by Hawk-Eagle 2 years ago

Only one screenshot? Answered

Anyway to upload two screenshots for a lesson?

Asked by Azahrens 1 year ago

What's your Desktop look like?

Please post a screenshot of your desktop with any apps you would like to have running. Since I like the OSX GUI I decided to imitate it which is actually very easy with Ubuntu. Please share or leave comments!!! Update 5/16/09: Posted my update desktop. I've been trying lots of styles recently but I like this one the most so far.

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

Windows 7 Screenshots

These are so far the most reliable screenshots of Windows 7 I've found.Some are pretty incredible.

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

DS Screenshots?

     Video game blogs- I envy them. They have high-res screenshots of Pokemon Platinum! And I look all over, but I can't find any useful info about how. So. Can ANYONE tell me how? PLEEEEEASE? Thankyou!

Posted by watermelonhead 8 years ago

Some finished parts: Chromehounds rebuild

I just recently finished up a batch of parts. The order of the screenshots is:   1.) Render 2.) Screenshot from SketchUp 3.) Screenshot from Chromehounds  ( I didn't make this) Any critique or suggestions are welcome.

Posted by ry25920 7 years ago

How do I turn screenshots for my computer into acceptable pictures for instructables?

I have an instructable on software to design better curved reflectors for solar cookers (among other things). Anyways, I put in screenshots of how I use the software and of my results tabulated in a html page with the pictures of different reflectors and how good they are in tables. The screenshots are actually fine but when i upload them they turn brutal. How can i keep the quality of the screenshot after uploading. This is really important for this particular instructable. The screenshots show that for a 1 or 2 hour unattended cooktime, there are several curves that are significantly better than a parabolic dish. But they do not show anything much after upload! I have the most recent one below. Brian

Posted by gaiatechnician 9 years ago

Broken thumbnail

See the screenshot. Using Android 4.1.1 on Samsung tablet 

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

how to get screenshots of minecraft into this website!?! Answered

Ive been wanting to make some type of minecraft tutorials but theres one problem, i dont know how! please try and help me with this issue!    you will be very happy if you can help me with this issue.

Asked by cmurph 6 years ago

Pictures in some instructables won't load

Hi,This week I noticed that some pictures don't load on instructables. Even with adblocker, privacy badger (addin for chrome that handles cookies) and my pihole disabled it won't load. It just shows a gray screen, like attached screenshot.The screenshot is from the page it does work, don't have a working link at the moment, but almost always it shows like the screenshot.Any ideas how to fix this?Thanks in advance

Posted by rednas32 5 months ago

'bout security? Answered

Bekathwia, I hope you changed your AIO key. cause it can be scanned from the screenshot and abused.

Asked by AlexanderTRU 1 year ago

If this was Digg...

Haha, if this was digg this screenshot would get me front page."This is why I love Instructables"IMG

Posted by Gjdj3 9 years ago

The link to my profile is not working

If I try to get to my own profile through the menu at the top of the page (see screenshot) I always end up on an error page that says 'ERROR 400: no member: - ERROR 400: no member:' Looks like the URL in that link is malformatted. Screenshot shows the error message as well as the menu entry I clicked to get there.

Posted by Moem 3 years ago

screen shot? Answered

When i press the F2 button nothing happens.i am playing minecraft the windows 10 edition.How do I take a screenshot?

Asked by dohjapsnet 1 year ago

Error opening file in Adobe Illustrator

Hello ! Working in Adobe Illustrator there is a problem , attach the screenshot of the error below , maybe somebody faced such problem ??

Posted by roses86 6 months ago

Hiding Phone? Answered

When I try to hide the phone by clicking the light bulb, nothing happens (except the light bulb goes out). Here is a screenshot of my projet

Asked by SantitheGreat 1 year ago

Add keywords

Ok i need to add a keyword to my instructable however i cannot see the button. Can some one tell me or post a screenshot? Thanks.

Posted by steven07 11 years ago

Anybody know of a instant screenshot program?

I know there is 'print screen', but this is quite annoying, because you have to manually paste the picture into Power point, then save it as a picture. I would like to know a way so that when I print screen,  the computer automatically saves the picture in My Pictures. Does anyone know of a device/plugin/software that does this? If so, give me a link?  Much appreciated, Mike.

Asked by TheFoofinator 7 years ago

Ipod touch jailbroken screen video app?

I have a jailbroken ipod touch 2nd generation, and i know that even with the official firmware you can take a screenshot by pressing the home and power buttons at the same time, but i am looking for an app, preferably from cydia but if worst comes to worst i will get installer, that allows you to take videos of the screen also. this would be great for me, because then i could run it through the windows movie maker and give it a voiceover and it goes straight to youtube instead of having suckishly blurry quality of my camera. thanks : )

Asked by A.C.E. 9 years ago

Error Filleting Hasp edge? Answered

Hi Jon-A-Tron,When attempting to Fillet the hasp edge as show in the attached screenshot, an error appears stating it can't do it. The error can also be seen in the screenshot and the error text is below. Do you know what this could be?"Error: The fillet/chamfer could not be created at the requested size. This might be occurring at the ends of the selected edges. Try adjusting the size or using multiple separate operations. Check that the selected edge chain ends at a sensible position, and if not try selecting more edges."

Asked by Aiddy 1 year ago

PDF Generation - New Step, New page

It would be nice if each new step of an 'able started a new page in the generated document. See attached screenshot for example.

Posted by jimbotheconflictor 6 years ago

duplicates in contest entries list

I noticed when browsing contest entries, there are some entries that show up twice consecutively, see screenshot I know it's not intentional

Posted by frank26080115 6 years ago

Color Conversion

So, I was recently playing my 3ds, when I figured out that the firmware I downloaded, "Luma", can take screenshots. However, there is one problem. The program which takes the screenshots assumes that the 3ds is using 22 bit colors, when it is actually using 16 bit colors So, the image's colors are quite distorted. This is a problem. However, this shouldn't be impossible to fix, right? If I'm correct, we should be able to do the correct conversion as long as it was saved in a lossless format. Are there any programs which do this?

Posted by Ruby Laser 6 months ago

Desktops of September - Finished for this month

Thats all the patches for this month! Get working on your set ups for next month!Happy September, since Joe Martin filled in for me last month, I realised its time I did this months, if a few days late...Me and Han have been at a friends wedding this last weekend, I realise now its only a couple of months till our wedding...I have decided that these desktop show off topics have actually been doing really well. So I am pleased to up the stakes.Free Patch for every submissionThe screenshots have to be different to last monthsThey have to have a description of whats going on (geektool, objectdock, etc)They have to be listed as a new comment below!To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)I have a nice new set of wallpapers this month.My main screen is running a Leopard Vector reboot wallpaper, I also have the following running..Geektool, in a range of Helvetica NeueTinkertool, which is keeping my dock in a different style, and puts the eject button in the menubar.My second screen is running a favourite wallpaper of mine, one that I rejigged to fit portrait.Finally, my third screen is running a picture of me and my Fiance Hannah from when we were in Durham.I have added an extra picture of my current screen set up, so you can make more sense of my screenshots!So, get your Desktops and wallpaper screenshotted and sorted, and collect your Patch! (5th picture)- gmjhowe

Posted by gmjhowe 8 years ago

Can you help me with this graphic? Answered

Hello ! This is screenshot from the movie "The Martian" and I want to make such graphic with my Raspberry Pi (the market one). Is there is a tutorial or something else. Thank you !

Asked by Konstantin Dimitrov 2 years ago

Search Bug.

Whenever I use the search tool in the search bar, my avatar in the corner changes to what I think is Logic Boy's avatar. Below is a screenshot. Anyone know what's happening?

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Problem with Revolve? Answered

Hello -After using the Revolve tool, I am getting the object seen in the attached screenshot. I have tried it several times. What am I doing wrong that it's not lining up?Thank you!Jennifer

Asked by jdoyon 1 year ago

Missing YOU menu on contest pages

After the latest changes in contest page, the YOU menu on top right is missing on the page. I have checked in IE11 and FF29. Please see screenshot attached. 

Posted by Tarun Upadhyaya 4 years ago

3D Printing Fails.

I'm not exactly sure why, but the BBC collected a bunch of 3D printing failures. I couldn't resist sharing the screenshots and captions, especially in light of Fungus' recent topic. Enjoy.

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Unable to publish

I've been trying to publish a project since yesterday afternoon. Every time I get the error message : Servers are busy. Please wait a few minutes and try again. See screenshot. When I click publish the message "Generating image" appears in top right corner. (screenshot). After a minute or so of "generating image" I get the error message. The project edits and previews fine... but won't publish. I am new to instructables, but my last project went through without a hitch. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.

Posted by sergey levchin 3 years ago

Negative posts!

More negatives. Here I caught a screenshot of a negative post number. Reminds me of future posts dilema. Maybe when you get rid of them one place, they move. Ha ha.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

Problem CSS or Javascript behavior

Hi Instructables team, im report a behavior problem in the website menu, see the Screenshot, im use Firefox at Ubuntu Linux Machine. I hope this problem fixed easy and soon Saludos!!

Posted by llaven 9 years ago

Time difference in comments section

Hello, There is a 10h gap in the comments section under my Instructables. Comments received now, show like 10h back. On the other hand they are Ok in my Discussions menu . See screenshot. Regards Ilian

Posted by FireSword 1 year ago

Newsletter fault?

Since recently a few newsletters aren't working on my pc I don't know what's wrong and  the nintendo and my bank newsletters are working fine. I've added a screenshot I hope someone can help me.

Posted by RoboticProgrammer 6 years ago

Layout gone wonky across site - fixed?

See the screenshots. Android tablet. (On a note of personal bias, the colour if Instructables is orange, not blue-grey.) EDIT: It looks like somebody took a mallet to the server, and it appears fixed.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Is this a glitch? Answered

Hello from the UK! I commented on some guy's comment, he spelt immense wrong and you know how I am with grammar and stuff... Anywhores, I posted it and it commented on two different people's comments!!!??? Just look at the screenshot! Thansk, Flannel UK

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago

Rapache- What's up?

How would i go around fixing this so that it starts up?  If you look at the bottom of the screenshot it says, "Warning, cannot connect to server"  What server?  How could I fix this and what does in mean?

Posted by tanmanknex 8 years ago

Holiday Gift Contest not showing Finalists...

The Holiday Gifet Contest page (and the Pizza contest) are in Judging mode yet there is no option to see the finalists on the page. The Design contest page is fine. Tested ie8 & firefox 18 on a XP PC... Attached is a screenshot.

Posted by vanweb 5 years ago

Private RSS comment feed broken :S

When i try to use my comment feed it says : This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. eh. can get screenshot if you wish. Thanks

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago


My PC's splash screen shows the shop name from where I bought my PC. How can i Remove this? I attached screenshot to make it easy to understand my question. Please Help…

Posted by Shezi007 6 months ago

Desktops of August

Hello all! This month would of been held by gmjhowe but he is very busy with moving into his new house right now so is unable to. Ahh, August is my favourite of the months seeing as MY BIRTHDAY is in it also school/ college is out and I've got a nice long relaxing summer to look forward to.What are you all waiting for, Get printscreening and show off your desktop. Don't be shy!To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)Right, for mine on my EeePC this month I'm using the Kupo-Finale Visual Style from lassekongo83.For my wallpaper this month I had a nice change for me, A nice bit of Banksy. I love his work I have quite a collection of wallpapers from Banksy so I may alternate throughout the month.The icon set is yet again is Dark Theme for IconTweaker which is a free program to change your icons. I may change the icon set next month ;)What are you all waiting for, Get them on here and if you haven't changed it from last month change it NOW and post it up!Peace out!

Posted by Joe Martin 8 years ago

Has Anyone Here Installed Windows 7 Yet?

Has Anyone Here installed Windows 7 On their PC Yet? I Have,and if you Have,Post a screenshot,and Tell Us what you think about it(No,I am not a microsoft employee :P). Here is My Screenshot And My Specs: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino Processor 768Mb of RAM(Note that this is within an EMUlator,Virtual Box,I gave 7 400 MB of RAM) Post your Specs Too! Also,It runs Pretty Well On my Laptop Through Virtual Box,It Runs OK On virtual Pc,But it gets Slow And VPC additions Cause it to Blue screen.

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

PM's are running off the page!

First off, thanks to staff for fixing the return key function in PM's (private messages). Unfortunately, with one fix, something else breaks, as messages in PM's are now running off the page and out of the message box. I was able to confirm this with another member (so it's not just me). *Updated with screenshot of PM (viewing in Instructables) 2nd screenshot shows what PM's look like in my email (you'll see its really hard to read), and it wasn't like this before. After every word is   (HTML non-breaking space). I presume this has something to do with the bug. - Mac OS X 10.6.8 - Safari 5.1.4

Posted by canucksgirl 6 years ago