sun circle

Has anyone seen the circle around the sun today on may 13th its cool

Posted by legomaster50 7 years ago

why does the sun have a halo today?01/11/2010 Answered

In south africa this morning (johannesburg) the sun has a halo,its very beautiful,does anyone know why? Local opinions have varied from ,water vapour to something to do with jupiter to the end of the world is here,any ideas?

Asked by afridave 7 years ago

Capri Sun Jacket

This packaging reuse takes 140 Capri Sun juice bags and turns them into a full-on jacket. It's an impressive bit of reuse. I can't imagine drinking that much Capri Sun myself, but if that's your thing then why not flaunt it to the rest of the world? Capri Sun Jacket

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

how do i make a robot that can track the sun? Answered

What kind of sensors could i use to track the sun (make a robot move toward it)

Asked by William930 7 years ago

NASA Plans To Visit The Sun

The name of the mission is Solar Probe+ (pronounced "Solar Probe plus"). It's a heat-resistant spacecraft designed to plunge deep into the sun's atmosphere where it can sample solar wind and magnetism first hand. Launch could happen as early as - (continued here)

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

how to close/ seal capri sun pouch straw hole ?

Hi there, I'm interested in creating some of the projects reusing capri sun pouches but would like to know if there is a need to close/ seal the straw hole on the pouch. I was wondering if water or dust will go in it once the pouches are sewn together.  Thanking you for the response, Mina.

Asked by lascalecasmunoz 6 years ago

Why Do planets Move ? Which force keep them moving in thier orbits? Answered

Why Do planets Move ? Which force keep them moving in thier orbits? google says..... because of the gravitational pull of the sun....... but isn't it the force which only keeps the planets in their  orbits......... ? is it also the same gravitational pull of the sun which keeps them moving ? if so , then how ? 

Asked by _Boltz_ 2 years ago

solar panel inside the house

Hi i was watching   ( using a bottle filled with water to reflect light inside the house ) may be someone can can use mirrors or magnifier to run a solar panel inside the house and do more than just light . ( heating water , spread lights to other rooms ,cool the house , etc ... ) thanks Michael

Posted by pacbe11 4 years ago

can a normal lamp mimic the sun for this ? Answered

I want to make a plate/bowl with mirors that reflect the light to a certain point.if i put the ceiling lamp on and use that light to aim all the mirrors to one point. wil it work in the sun too ?

Asked by rabarbarbaar! 5 years ago

How many Km's away from the sun is the earth??? Answered

I want to know how many Km's away from the sun the earth is. Please can you help me cos i cant find out on google!!! :2)

Asked by henster22 7 years ago

will a green filter still collect sunlight? Answered

I'm trying to make a sun jar. I've got myself a flip-top jar. the garden light is still pending. but I have a problem (or do I?)- the lid is green. will the green glass still allow the solar panels to get power? or will I have to do something else?

Asked by codongolev 8 years ago

GMO sun flower seeds, how can I tell? Answered

Hi fellow instrucablers, I planted some sunflowers a while ago and recently I collected the seeds from the flowers and replanted them.  The original seeds were from a packet which I threw away.  I've planted the new seeds and it's been a week and the haven't sprouted, I'm not sure if I was really unlucky or if the seeds have been genetically modified in order for them not to grow new plants.   I still have some seeds left over so I was wondering if there was anyway to tell if they have been modified somehow. Thanks a ton Sirnoodlehe

Asked by SirNoodlehe 5 years ago

Solar Panel Problem? Answered

I have a solar panel which can turn a 6 volt DC motor with efficiency, but when I tried to use a 2.5volt ordinary motor, it did not turn. Can you give me any help in identifying the possible defects?

Asked by tanyutsharma 4 years ago

Itchy sunburn madness!

 Since I live in northern Michigan, I pretty much hang out indoors for a majority of the year due to ''Frozen Winter Hell''. It's been sunny these last couple of days, and I managed to bake my paper white skin :( The only reason I'm able to even type this question is because this burn is located exclusively on my neck. Last year my itchy sunburn covered my whole was like being stung by 10,000 killer bees for 3 straight agonized screams certainly disturbed the neighbors. I'm sure some of you have experienced the whole itchy sunburn have you dealt with it? Oh, and I drew a picture of the sun for inspiration:

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

Why do I get a voltage drop from my solar panels....? Answered

I am building my own solar panels and installing them as I go. So far I have mounted three 70 watt panels. I have a twenty amp controller and a 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter. With the array switched on and connected to the batteries (8 x12 volt 134AH) via the controller everything seems fine with a steady 13 -14 volt charge coming through. But when I connect the inverter the PV volts drop to around six and seven volts....The batteries are wired in parrale but not directly to each other. Instead I connected them to a buss bar hoping for equel drain and charge... I then connected the wires from controller and inverter to the bars... I thought this may have been the problem so swapped them all around having the controller wires to the battteries, then the inverter directly to the batteries... It made no difference and the voltages remained the same....I am hoping now that the reason maybe that I do not have enough panels to power the system and as I add more panels the voltage will rise...... l Any thoughts on this will be very welcome.....?

Asked by SolarPoweredGardener 7 years ago

Melting Steel with the Sun

Now I'd like to see an 'ible on that! A very neat contraption indeed! The only thing that was weird, was when he described a hot-dog. "Traditional, American, lunch-time, hot-dog, snack."  Very strange.      Link via Boing Boing

Posted by nickodemus 8 years ago

Classic tracks played on classic hardware

I saw this version of House of the Rising Sun blogged on Laughing Squid, and thought of you (all)... A couple of years ago, the same chap created Bohemian Rhapsody:

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

how do I hook a 8 watt solar panel to a battery? or anything?

I bought an 8 watt solar panel. Now what? what kind of cords do I buy? how do I use the sun to charge a small battery?

Asked by 9 years ago

Ok, Ive been wondering about this for some time. How to make plasma? Answered

Alright How do make plasma? like the kind thats on the sun.  I here you can make plasma by puting so much electricity into the gas.  How much is that and how can I produce that number?

Asked by Kalrag 7 years ago


My power bill is through the roof. how would i solar my house??? THX SO MUCH !!!!!

Asked by zombeastly 6 years ago

Firefly Lights Jar

So while browsing Instructables, most times I see quite a few Instructables for the sun jars.  While on Think Geek today, I saw the Firefly Dreamlights Jar.  I was just wondering if someone wanted to take a crack at making it so that I can make one myself (im not that great with figuring out circuits on my own). Thanks!

Posted by BigDrig 6 years ago

need solar panels

Need solar panel contact if you have any extra laying around, may be willing to pay depending on price asked

Posted by singhjr 7 years ago

wanted: solar panels

May be willing to pay dependin on price asked and condition and specifications of the panel. if you have any laying around unused please contact

Posted by singhjr 7 years ago

solar powered bird bath heater

Looking for instructions on how to make a simple, inexpensive solar powered heater to keep my bird bath water from freezing in the Winter.

Asked by 8 years ago

making a very powerful sun beam

Hi there,  I  have a question and perhaps you could be of help to me, So my question is ,  is it possible to use cheap Mylar blankets(parabolic form) to concentrate the sun light, so as it would be able to cut through metal. My idea is to use 3 Mylar sheets each  1m square  which will reflect the light towards another  one which will work as a collector and then further concentrate the light to about half a millimeter.  Doing the math (0.5mm²/3m²) is more than 16 million (ok there  will be a lot of loss , lets say 50 percent). The question is, is this worth trying cause i don't want to waste time and money on this. So if someone knows why this wont work , it would be very helpful. thanks in advance

Posted by Z3r01f1n1ty 3 years ago

hoow to make a 9v olar panel?

I need a way to make a solar panel put out 10 volts min

Asked by havejack 8 years ago

A sunscreen that keeps you in the shade all day long

I have been thinking about a suncreen that will keep shaded all day long. Rather then to move along as the sun changes position during the day, why not move the suncreen so that it always shades the same spot ? To that end, and after some thinking the idea of a movable abstract tree like shape which projects shade on the ground, was come up with. It would be able to move, let the wind pass trough, and because unlike traditional suncreens it would not be a parasol, it would give shade but cooler wind is also possible. Question remain though. Ho do you know which shape will give which shade ? As the screen would have to automove, a GPs with clock and arduino/wire would be needed. In a later step how to deal with excessive wnds would have to be included. There is also a possible cantilever mecanism and the weight of the whole thing. Also possible is to add a solarcell for the energy. As when one side is giving shade the other is pointing towards the sun. So some of the mecanism for it could be used for other things. I wondered if there is some kind of formula, algortirhm where you put height, surface area , shape/coordinates position of the sun, season in it, and the coordiantes of the area which should be shaded, and then run or show or find which shape would work best, but also to use in the arduino/wire. The shade could be be like big leafs that cover each other, like thick crosses, which allow the wind to move through, or other things. Please let me know if this is not so clear.

Asked by Floris Vermeir 8 years ago

I need help for my kids room

I am trying to figure this out and I am not very artistically inclined. I want to make an 8" globe look similar to the light bulb I have posted  a picture of. I am making a solar system that hangs from my sons bedroom because I am remodeling his room in a space theme. I will also be doing a fiber optic star ceiling above it, so it will have day/night modes if you will. I want the sun to be a hanging globe light that looks cool, and I remembered those spikey light bulbs they used to sell in the head shops when I was younger (much younger!). I have gathered that it is done with silicone, but I can't figure out the technique. And how do you get it colored? Any help would be appeciated and I would love to see if somebody could figure this out. Thanks!

Posted by silverfalcon81 7 years ago

How to make solar cells?

Hi All, Instructables is a great site which offers lots of handy tutorials. While searching for ways to make solar panels I came across many tutorials that explain how to make a solar panel from solar cells. I'm looking for a tutorial on how to make these solar cells at home as I don't want to purchase them. Anybody has an idea? Thank you. Ciao Frank

Posted by cShellPro 6 years ago

Sun tan and how to recover from it

Hi I would like to know how can i recover from sun tan and keep my body in it's original colour.Usually i would get tan after being exposed to sun for some time and recover the colour after no exposure to sun(At noon) for 2-3 weeks.I used to get sun tan for my legs ,face and hands. I would appreciate some help other than suggestions for not going out :D regards Arun

Posted by Nr-Think different 5 years ago

how do i make a sun dial? Answered

I want to make a sun dial. i need to know the demensions for the dial and for the face of the sundial. or all of the information that any one can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by dezertbreez 8 years ago

Venus Won't Pass Between Us and The Sun For Over Another 105 Years

Venus Passing between us and the Sun visible across N. America tomorrow at sunset for Reno. None of us will live to see the next transit :-( A

Posted by iceng 5 years ago

Sorry for the crosspost, but got my solar thing working, posted it on Green.

Just in case you guys don't hang out in Green.If you're lazy:

Posted by SolarFlower_org 8 years ago

are capri sun pouches UV resistant?

after reading the capri sun welding instructable i was thinking of making an outdoor tarp out of them to cover my lawnmowers. maybe even putting it on the roof in summer to reflect heat and reduce cooling costs. my kids love these things so i have a lot of them.

Asked by dannemillerd 7 years ago

Spring is Coming!

Spring is the time now!  Everyone mourn for a death... that of winter!  A new season is rising out of the ashes: Spring!  All of the beautiful flowers will be waking up after a long slumber, and poking their heads out of the earth.  Fruit trees will flower, and soon, there will be an abundance of wonderful fruits to share with one's fellows.  May everyone rejoice at the new time of peace that is arriving!

Posted by tincanz 7 years ago

Finally finished my solar collector prototype.

This has been an ongoing saga for the last six months or so, but with a lot of help from many of you here the Sunflower prototype is finished. And it works! It still needs perfecting, but the principle is sound.This unit cost me less than $20, is almost entirely recycled and salvaged materials, was ridiculously easy to make (tho since I've thought of a way to make it much simpler) and seems to work fairly well. With a larger collector and light pipe in place this unit alone could collect up to a kilowatt of power, maybe more. Now I need to start working on the Mk II perfected design, and some applications for electricity generation and water purification.This will be an ongoing open source project. Once I've got a design which is nice I'll get a website up and be traveling round working with local community groups, inventors and NGOs.If you have any desire whatsoever to take a crack at making this yourself please please do so. The video is a little light on the finer details, so if there are any questions just ask.And thanks again for all those who helped out.

Posted by SolarFlower_org 8 years ago

i want 2 build my own weather house, those twee lil things with the lil man that comes out when it rains, any thorts?

i've loved those twee little weather houses since i was a child and am desperate to have one for my own child. however looking at them again i find them not as attractive as my little girl eyes did and have found only 1 slightly retro mushroom version to buy,in which i feel the figures are not particularly well crafted. being quite creative i thought i'd have a go at making my own but,having no clue how, looked up kits. i found 1, quite sweet, sunny camel comes out rainy - gorilla. great for my son's room but i want to watch the magic myself and not sure that would sit well on my kitchen windowsill. any idea's on what to use, will guitar string work for the gut string? and do i need the right tension/balance/measurements? any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. thanks all.

Asked by alex de 7 years ago

With the upside down tomatoes in bucket does it need full sun?

 With the upside down tomatoes in bucket, does it need to be in full sun ? Wanted to hang buckets on porch, it would get the morning sun only.

Asked by pattycake051160 6 years ago

Is it better to put compost bin under direct sun or under shade?

I have several compost bags (ex flour). I put them on shade. But I just read from the web that compost works better under direct sun. My question is it better to put my compost bags under direct sun or just keep tem away from direct sun? Could you please give the reasons also. Thanks

Asked by kelana 8 years ago

I am looking for a Solar charger?

Okay so yes i have looked online for something but... im not the best at knowing what features is best i have about $60 so im looking for something $60 or less, i seen some on a site but now that i have the money.. it's not there anymore (which sucks) - I need something to charge devices fast - hold a charge for a long time - charge up from the sun fast enough - NOT a charger that charges by USB but a charges by.. Solar energy (obviously) - and need it to be able to charge multiple types of devices like a... PSP, touchpads, smart phones, etc... if it can only charge 1 thing at a time then thats fine too, if it can charge more than 1 at a time.. even better, color obviously does not matter so does anybody know of any like this? if you can help, thank you

Asked by saiyankev 4 years ago

I want a solar setup for my camper, which one should I get? Answered

I want to have a setup that will keep my batteries charged constantly. I have two batteries, and I live in sunny southern California, so sunshine is not an issue. I was thinking of a 125 Watt setup, but I am not sure if that's what I need.

Asked by martzsam 7 years ago

How to get constant 5.2V from ~1-7 Volts?

I have multiple solar panels (3V, 6V). I want to build a charger for bicycle, to keep my battery powered lamps (DIY) battery alive. Currently, I use my DIY lamp with a USB Power bank (5,2V , approx. 50k mAh), but my lamp contains 39 LEDs, and they are ultra-bright LEDs, so they drains the battery fast. So I thought if I connect some solar panels to it, I can charge power bank during daytime.

Asked by Sp1k33 2 years ago