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Anyone know how to make an alarm that knows if my dog is being stolen? Answered

I live in an area where people steal dogs out of our yards. I want to build an alarm that does two things: it allows the dog to roam in an area like my yard without going off and if he's taken, it goes off.
The second part is that it sends a signal so I could track it on an app and help the cops get my dog back. There's got to be a simple way to make one with a Rasberry Pi or Arduino. I've never used either and want to learn, probably with the Pi. The dog would have to wear it on his collar naturally. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm brand new to Instructables so you've probably seen something like this before. Please help. I'd love to make them for Christmas for several family and friends through our church.
Thanks, Mike 


There are products like this on the market. You can set geo fences and it will alert you if the tag crosses the boundary and then track.

It would be possible to make something similar but unless you're willing to drop some serious dough or have access to, and the knowledge to use, a professional electronics workshop you're going to struggle to get it into a reasonable size with a reasonable battery life, and useable features.

A commercial unit like Tagg for example does come with a monthly service charge. Up front this seems like a big reason to build your own but think about how a home made unit would work. Specifically, how are you going to transmit location from the device to your phone/computer? If it's at home you can use bluetooth or wifi but once the bog bolts/is taken you're only option is cellular. This is not free, basically you will be paying like you had another cellphone. I suspect the $8/month Tagg charge is cheaper than the cell service for a homemade device. You could use radio to transmit position but your phone doesn't have any way to receive it and the range will be limited by size and environmental conditions.

Well you could modify one of those dog fence zappers that electrocute your dog if he goes over a buried wire. You'd REPLACE the zapping bit with a small radio transmitter. When the dog goes over the wire the alarm goes off.

If the dog's area is small enough, the absence of the signal from a transmitter that pinged say every 20 seconds could set off an alarm.

Or you lock the dog in a box :-)

No box for Jake. He's too big. I like the transmitter idea though. Can I make one of those or do I have to buy one. I really wanted to make one with an Arduino or Rasberry Pi.

They are not magic solutions to the underlying logic and electronic problem. Using a radio for example that goes ON when the dog is napped won't help if the radio fails, so its got to be ON going OFF to trigger the alarm...which affects battery life, and the local RF environment will affect range. We have to avoid Fido going behind a tree and blocking the signal.

If his clearing off the work site is an issue, which is more benign than being 'napped, then something which transmits his location via GPS might be more viable.


Wire the trigger of the shock collar to a alarm of some sort. would also keep your dog inside the fence too !

Don't have an electric fence or shock collar. I like the idea though but was thinking for something even when I'm away and he's with me at work. If he and I become separated, I'd like to have something that tells me he's out of the immediate vicinity to where I'm working. (Construction work)


You could attach an off the shelf GPS tracker to the collar so that after a dog is stolen he can be found.

What stops the dognapper from taking the collar off?

You would probably need to have something that would read the dogs chip and if it doesn't sense the chip anymore then alert you. Other than that it would just be a micro controller with GPS and SMS/email.

There's always that possibility for the collar to be removed but it being removed and triggering the alarm could be a real deterrent because of the time involved to remove it. Maybe a locking collar instead of a buckling type is better.

Exactly what I am wanting to create or make. So any idea how to make one? It's really needed. Got any plans or know an Instructable I can use to make one?

Thanks for not giving a smart alec response. I'm very serious about this. Most of the people around here are elderly and the dog is more like a family member. It's all the person has.

Bad people steal the dogs to help train their pit bulls to fight. The stolen dog is maimed or killed to train the fighter. If you know how to make this, please help me get one built.

Removing the collar stops the radio signal. Alarm goes off.

think of all the expensive things we might like to alarm in this way and even track. As far as I know there isn't any product available to do this so I guess it is hard to do.

prevention is a far better option.

Can't prevent when you aren't there to prevent. Thanks.