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Best sub $20 in ear headphones with GREAT bass? Answered

Looking for some headphones to replace my Skullcandy buds that broke... I want something with great bass- something that really punches. Preferably with inline volume control- I am using an ipod touch (really love the volume control). I have a pretty small budget, around $20 is my goal, but as I am not an audiophile, they don't need to be perfect :) Just in ear headphones with great bass.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Save yourself some money and get a pair of THESE: for $6


I got a pair after my $50 JVC's got eaten by the seat belt retracter in my car. I bought a pair of the Panasonics after deciding to take my  time until I found a good set to my liking. Turns out, I love these things, cheap, fairly durable and comfortable. I'm sticking with them

Wow! Might have to check these out- a few of the reviews are from skullcandy JIB users (what I had)... Seems to be a good headphone for the price (a whopping $5).

Hungry seatbelt retractor though... Better go and feed it more often ;)

Surprisingly enough, I found just want you're asking for from a dollar store. It boasted on the $1 package that it had good bass, and I was pleasantly surprised for something so inexpensive. Unfortunately, they are so "no name" in that they have "no name" on them at all (and I tossed the package), so, you might want to just check out a local dollar store and see what they have. It's worth a shot, and you only lose a buck plus tax if they aren't as great as you hoped. :-)

lol :) Apparently Canadian dollar stores are awesome.. any headphones in ours are guaranteed to have you screaming in pain within an hour. Thanks for the advice though :)

No problem. I didn't realize we had such elite dollar stores.... :)

Those that seal best to you ear canals will sound best in all frequencies especially bass.

Cheap, tiny, and good bass don't really go together very well. It's amazing that earbuds have any bass response at all; thank the supermagnets for that...

yeah I know- but suprisingly many buds I have heard have pretty good bass response... hmmm... maybe I am looking for loud bass rather than good bass? ;)