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Can someone help me with a water problem? Answered

I need a way to get water out of my garage. Anyone know how to pump, siphon, or some way to get the water out?


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iceng (author)2011-08-23

Water flows from Higher to lower through a siphon.
Your garage must be higher then the street curb.
Use a good ( no cracks ) water hose, submerge it in your
garage water low spot.  Get all the air out of the hose.
Have some one help keep one one end under water
or use a brick ( it must stay Under Water ).
Now bend the other end fully closed and run out to the lower curb.
If you did it right, water will flow out to the street until the
siphon sucks air. . . . . . . . .   A

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Wareneutron (author)iceng2012-11-10

i think he is correct!
do that principle now!

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rickharris (author)2011-08-24

If the water flow isn't great, If the pool is higher than the drain you need to get it into - the you could remove it via capillary action - Fill a plastic tube with wool strands - ordinary knitting wool will do - Or use a fibrous rope.

Put one end in the water and the other end at a lower level where you want the water to go to. To a degree the in-between space may be higher than the starting pool.

Capillary action will take the water away and this has the advantage of needing no priming as a syphon would.

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lemonie (author)2011-08-23

You could dig a sump, add a small-pump. Tanking the space would be a major job.


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iceng (author)lemonie2011-08-24

I dug a French drain on the high side of our house. After 3 or contiguous rain days the clay under the lawn saturates and used to stream into my basement right through the concrete wall.
Now a small submersible AC pump empties a sump from the French drain under my deck to a down street. The water never gets to my basement.

Works very well, foxtrot8 would do well to follow lemonie's advice for the future long haul solution.


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JamesRPatrick (author)2011-08-23

I suggest fixing the problem instead of the symptom.

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caarntedd (author)2011-08-23

If you have determined that you can't stop the water entering your garage, you can treat the symptom rather than the cause (as you say, you want to get the water out instead of stopping it from coming in). The first step would be to create a sump for the water to collect in. Find the spot where the water collects and make a hole. Depending on the amount of water, a hole of about 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot deep (cover with a grate to prevent broken ankles) and then lined with concrete or cement or rendered brick or something, will provide a spot for the water to collect. The water can then be pumped, drained or scooped out for disposal. This is a common method used in elevator shafts. (Also useful for collecting hydraulic oil).

A hole that collects water and needs to be scooped out once a week is a simple solution. If you have a lot of water you may need a pump. If it is possible you may be able to just pipe or drain the water away.

If you provide some more info, we can give a more detailed solution.

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Vyger (author)2011-08-23

Where is the water comming from? Is the garage above or below grade? Are you in a rural area or a city?

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