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Do you know how much this egg drop project weights because my teacher said there is a 2.5lb limit to my project thanks Answered

i need to know how much it weights because it looks heavy


What project?

Do you have something to compare it to? 2.5lb is not very much.
I dont know where you are or what system of weights and measures you are used to, but a 1 litre drink bottle (fullof water) weighs around 1kilogram and that equals about 2.2 lb (using imperial measurement).
Our bottles in Australia are commonly 1.25 litres, which equals around 2.75 lb.
If you are in the U.S. 1 quart is about 0.95 litres. So  a quart of water is a little over 2 lb.
Get the idea? Find something that you know the weight of and just compare it.
Hope this helps.

Find some weighing scales.
Wether or not you think we have super-natural powers: we don't know.