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Does anyone know of a program besides windows media player that can put effects in a video? Answered


Windows Media Player only plays video and music, it can't add effects or edit. Is Windows Movie Maker what you mean?

Here's some good video editing software.

Ya sry that's what i meant. Thank you for ur link.

 Well, I have Pinnacle Studio 14 HD, which is pretty good and advanced, but you might also want to consider Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.  It is also very good.  Pinnacle Studio is cheaper, but I would recommend them both hugely.

What effects do you want?


Seriously man i see you on like every page of instructables. I am overreacting. But seriously how many hours a day do you spend on this site?? You have been very nice to me and everyone else in the instructables community.

I'm on holiday, doing things, but the PC has been on all day.
Anyway - what are you after with the video-editing?


Well i like to mess around on the computer. Windows movie maker has been good but it didn't have that many effects. Shadowman39 had some pretty good software that had a lot more effects and the program was almost the exact same thing as movie maker. We should be friends. Ur nice.

Yes WMM isn't that great and it annoys me, but I've never bothered to get anything else...
Rather than sift through the list myself, see here for previous questions & answers on the same subject:
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