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Does anyone know what S.O.G. stands for? Answered

I saw it on black ops and I am just wondering



Best Answer 7 years ago

SOG Studies and Observation Group
SOG Shots on Goal (hockey)
SoG Society of Genealogists (UK)
SOG Special Operations Group
SOG Sync on Green
SOG Speed Over Ground
SOG Spin On Glass
SOG Sogenannt (German : so-called)
SOG Senior Officials Group
Sog Short Gastrulation
SOG Son of God
SOG Slab on Grade (construction)
SOG Shades of Green (Armed Forces Recreation Center, Florida)
SOG School of Governance (various locations)
SOG Sea-Of-Gates (semiconductors)
SOG Silicon on Glass
SOG Seat Of Government
SOG Son of A Gun
SOG Studies and Operations Group (less common)
SoG Strait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada)
SOG Sergeant Of the Guard
SOG Structure and Organization of Government (International Political Science Association)
SOG Stages of Growth
SOG Sogndal, Norway - Haukasen (Airport Code)
SOG Service Order Gateway
SOG Studieontwijkend Gedrag (Dutch)
SOG Sign Of God
SOG Soldiers of God (gaming clan)
SOG Senior Oversight Group
SOG Same Old Grind
SOG Special Observations Group
SOG Service Order Grouping
SOG Surveillance and Observation Group
SOG Standard/Standing Operating Guidelines

Special operations group was what i am looking for

wow i never thought about that much thanks

Category fixed (unless you were using the channel to self-describe?). You should learn about Google and Wikipedia. You could have gotten an answer to this without waiting.

Special Operations Group.

Studies and Observations Group.