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Halloween blinking eyes LED project Answered

A pair of red LEDs which blink in an approximation of the glowing red eyes of some baleful critter lurking in the shadows behind me as I hand out candy to the kids. I figure to poke the LEDs through a piece of cardboard sprayed with flat black paint. Half a dozen sets of light would make for a pretty scary pack of, well, something. Just the thing for Halloween. I don't have the technical background to do this but it seems like it might be fun and cheap.


Your post reminded me that I had to replace one "eye" if my "scary panther" that I did like 20-25 years ago. A couple a years ago some kid pressed on one of the leds that I had inserted into the eyesockets of the statue hard enough to make it break. After some eye surgery just now the cat is back in action with brand new green 3mm leds! There's a small pcb with a 555 on it (and a lot of other rather unnecessary stuff!) that makes the eyes blink (turn off) of 0.3 seconds every ~25 seconds. When it was working a lot of my visitors thought that it looked really creepy.


I think that's an excellent idea. I'm sure you're able to do it, really.

I don't have the technical background. I'm sure a 555 timer figures somewhere in there but damned if I can get any further then that. I was hoping someone with a bit of real electronics background might jump in and say "oh heck, that's easy" and then describe how to do it. I can solder but that's pretty close to the extent of my hardware knowledge.

If you use this Instructable, but use LEDs as the output instead of a laser coil, you'll be fine.

Don't forget to add a small resistor in series with each LED, though.