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Homemade Pet Strollers Answered

I would like to make a pet stroller for my in-laws. They have 2 Yorkies who can never "finish" their walks, but end up having to be carried. This is wearing on the humans, as they aren't young anymore. I've been laid off since April, so I can't afford the $99-$249 it costs in the stores. Has anyone made one of these? I haven't been able to draw up a plan that really worked. Hope someone out there can help.


I am making one on the cheap right now. I found a wheelchair at a second hand store for $6, and I have a wicker bassinet that I am mounting to the wheelchair. I have already sewn in three "leads" that I made (because my puppy buggy is for three small Maltese). I am using 24 gauge wire to attach the basket to the wheelchair. My plan is to attach these two together securely, then attach a couple of other things (a holder for unopened water/food, and a holder for dishes for the water and food that they can utilize). I'm making this thing for all-day outings, so that's why it has the food/water attachments. I previously made a puppy buggy using this same wicker bassinet and a large children's stroller, and that worked well except for that the thing was just too big to be practical. I have a mini-van and would have to take the back seats out in order to get it into the vehicle. This new design will fit right in the back area without me having to take the seats out, and is ALOT lighter. I would have just used the child's buggy (altering it with some fabric to cover the holes where the child's legs stick out) except that I couldn't find one big enough for all three of my dogs. =) Good luck with yours!

p.s. OH, one really nice thing about making your own is that the dogs can be closer to you. My dogs don't like being as far away as the dog strollers that you can make them be. When you make your own, you can make it so that they're up higher, thereby being much closer to you.

Hello. We are wanting to make a per stroller for our parrot travel cage and for our toy poodle to ride in at the same time. Would a double stroller be best? Do you think this would work?

I have made 2 from used jogging strollers. I documented one in an instructable:


I would like to make another incorporating all of the best features of both, and perhaps a folding ramp, but that is a project for another day.


9 years ago

Baby strollers should work

Actually, that's exactly what I did: got a 3-wheeled jogging stroller for $30. It WOULD have worked for the 2 they had, except now they have THREE dogs, so the carrier part is not big enough. Oh well. Not my problem now!!

Sorry to hear about you loosing your job, t3h world is in fairly deep sh*t right now... but anyway, just get a second hand baby stroller, $10 for a pretty good one?

Yeah, it sucks being unemployed! Yet....strangely ... freeing! *lol* Yes, after playing with different pvc projects I found here, I finally gave up. Right about then I found the perfect jogging stroller on craigslist for $35. I guess timing IS everything! Thanks for your help.

Don't forget, we expect to see photos of any re-fit you do to fit the Yorkies in.

(My grandmother had a Yorkie, an odd mix of adorable and vicious).

> adorable and vicious
. Those seem to be traits common to ALL small dogs. My Mother kept Boston Terriers* (not as small as a Yorkie, but not as big as a "real" dog, either). They were very adorable (and very "intelligent") but would give you a good nip in a heartbeat.

*IMNHSO, a great companion dog, if you like smaller dogs.

(There was the memorable day we had to pull "Penny", who was by then in her dotage, off a confused German shepherd. She had also been known to lung at an Irish wolfhound.)

One of the Yorkies had to be de-barked or else the neighbors were going to rebel against them. I believe that same Yorkie has gone after quite a few larger dogs as well; luckily whilst on a leash, so she was controlled. What IS it with smaller dogs thinking they are bigger????

There's something... Napoleonic going on. De-barked? Sounds euphemistic. I bet they didn't operate on the end that actually barked, did they?

Yes, actually. Something to do with the vocal chords: don't know if they scrape them or what, but she doesn't "Bark" anymore. Sort of a squeaky "yip" now that is not irritating to neighbors.

. OMG! One of Mom's BTs backed a Doberman Pinscher into a corner at a friend's house! We heard a racket in the front room and found the Boston raising Cain at the poor Dobie, who was shaking like a leaf. One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Talk about getting your bluff in.

heh. I don't know if they will do any retrofitting, but they may. They stood around it and were commenting on maybe adding a board to extend the seat out a few more inches. Don't worry; I'll take pictures!!