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How do I start programming the STM32VL-Discovery? Answered

hi there,

I've just recieved a free stm32VL-Discovery, but the website of ST doesn't do any good. I know a bit AVR programming with an arduino, but I know sh*t about ARM or the STM32.

If anyone could tell me how to adress the pins it would be a nice start..


ST have fixed their website. This is the main site but there is no sign of much in the way of hardware support. I'd take a look at their forums.


There is a fair amount of uproar in the ST forums about the monumental screwup that ST have made over this - the only docs are on the website, and they've wiped or moved the links.


First few matches on a websearch for that name finds several user forums, and a pinout diagram (http://www.rlocman.ru/i/File/2010/09/27/STM32Dicovery_sch.pdf)