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How to Blinking LED at 230V using one risistor ? Answered

what is that risistor value and watt???

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icengBest Answer (author)2014-01-25

Well, you can easily buy an LED that blinks.

Calculate the current from 9V example 9V-3V = 6V ||| I = V/R = 6/82 =.07317A = 73ma

Next calculate for 230 VAC x 1.414 = 325 VDC peak less the 3V LED is 322 VDC assuming a 5cent 1N4006 diode prevents LED destruction when the power line AC reverses R = V/I = 322 / .07317 = 4,400 ohms.

Power = V*I = V*V/R = I*I*R = (73ma)^2 x 4.4K = 23 watts which falls to 15 Watts because of the 1N4006 diode preventing inverse current half the time.


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iceng (author)iceng2014-01-25

Here is the minimal circuit you want and one I would build myself.

This killer circuit is extremely dangerous to a beginner YOU

BUT I have an engineer's understanding and will work with one hand in my pocket to

Avoid a 300 volt Shockpushing a Lethal current across my chest !!!

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rickharris (author)2014-01-25

Use a cheap wall power supply - even a phone charger should do it.

Need more details about the LED you intend to use Crystal ball broken.

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