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How to build vending machine? Answered


Here is a link to a video explaining how to make such a vending machine, one simple enough to keep at your desk, which can be fashioned out of wood (of have a wooden exterior built to protect it better from theft). Other youtube channels have their own machines, but I haven't found one that states the dimensions needed. Though it's essentially based on the size of your coin/product that will be vended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVTmXC_UrX0

I also would like to build a vending machine. I take a 12 pack of cokes to work and everyone "borrows" one and promises to replace it but never does. I like these guys so I'm not really mad but I'd like something that would at least allow me to break even. I'd love a design that would be made mostly of wood and would allow someone to insert a quarter and get a can of coke in return. Doesn't need refrigeration or anything, just something simple that will be as much a conversation piece as anything. Doesn't need to be vandal proof or check for fake coins. But I do want the coin box to be secured.

You need to identify your product, and audience first. Once thats sorted vending machines are pretty simple machines: They require at a minimum: A housing, preferably secure from vandalism A user input output section, buttons and a screen A means to retrieve money from the user, and possibly give change A more-secure place for the retrieved money to store in A means to store the product inside where it can be vended mechanically A means to vend the product to the world. An arduino could easily serve as the 'brain' - it can talk to motors, buttons and screens. Coin mechanisms are most common, but you could use magnetic cards on a proprietary credit system, or just a password (like at a carwash or net cafe, where the clerk gives a one-time-use password to activate the unit) Vending depends on the product, screw-style vending is common for solid objects.

How many of these machines have you built? Do you think that you could make a replica of Ice House America or Polar Station vending machines? If so get back to me as soon as possible. My email: alexdilbert@hotmail.com

vending machines specifically, none. machines, plenty.

Are there any companies that custome make them to receive credit cards.?

i want to knw about a gsm based wireless vending manchine

Okay, then you need all of the above, and a gsm billing solution.

> A means to retrieve money from the user
. AKA rejector. Sometimes referred to as acceptors - go figure.

Indeed - commercially available coin/bill readers are what you need to be safe.