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Idea Answered

This is one of those ideas that I came up with yet unfortunately I don't think that I will have the time nor effort to complete it. Yet I would love to see it come into fruition, and that's why I've decided to explain it here. What I would like to see is some crafty individual take the concept of the bristle bot and simply increase the magnitude of the dimensions and make it into a ride-able craft. This also could possibly be entered into the big and small challenge. Any questions that you might come up with I will gladly answer. 


I get alot of those. It kinda stinks too, I'm only 13 so I'm alittle short on funds. Anyway, I sure couldnt build one, but I could probably tell you how. 

Same here, I could give a general overview of how to make it, but only to a certain level. When it comes to circuitry I'm in the dark.

In ancient times (ie before the Internet), I remember seeing film of a Japanese motor engineer who had made one the size of a car, and went at a slow walking pace.

This might help your endeavors.