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Metric Measurements Answered

I love Instructables, but I find that I use it less and less lately. The main reason is the need to go through all the instructions and convert all the measurements from the old British system to the metric system that everyone else in the world uses. I do have a plugin for my browser, but it doesn't work on my tablet or phone, which I use more often when building stuff.

It's 2017. Literally 95% of the worlds's population uses the metric system, and we have computers. Is it not possible for you guys to knock up a little programming routine that converts all the measurements if I'm in a metric country? I understand this is an American site aimed at an American audience, but it seems you're cutting off a huge number of potential site users here.


Most members and authors are American, so still use Imperial units.

There are many ways to write dimensions that are understandable to human readers, but it would (I think) be incredibly difficult to write code to trawl through >200,000 projects, identify Imperial units and insert conversions.

If you're reading an instructable for pleasure, or with a view to following it (rather than actually following it), there's no real need to accurately translate units. If you're getting ready to follow a project, that same computer you're using to read the site also has access to google, which can easily convert most units to most other units.

Yup, I don't write the dimensions of most stuff because it isn't even needed... When I do, I usually write it in millimeters (like a 6mm drill bit), unless I think it's a measurement everyone should know (like 3/4" plywood). If it's a really simple project I might include both - Icut to a length of almost 4cm (~1.5")

This member has been deleted, so he probably won't see this, but I really don't understand why he claims to use Instructables less because of this. It's not like you make 5 projects a day from Instructables, and all of them use the imperial system. There are many apps for this, though...

Ok. Maybe a bit less...

Comes down down laziness and convinience.
People these days don't say please or thank you because the Google voice search works fine without it.
If there is a project that really is of interest to you than you would even use an online translator if the written language in it is unkown to you.
I also don't think everyone here is from the US and uses weird measurements - I don't ;)

For pure imperial project here I often totally ignore them.
Meaning I take the drawing or whatever as a guide and desing my own dimensions in metric - or print the stuff out and calculate the metric values and add them to the print as reference.
If your biggest problem is measurement then you missed something ;)

Unfortunately it seems that the problem about units is so great, the author has already deleted his account.

Was not aware it is that serious - did I miss something?
The earth still circles around the sun I hope...

No, the earth doesn't rotate around the sun.

...You didn't see Kiteman's Twitter?

<Sarcasm> ;)

I saw his comment here, and then saw his Twitter, which was a long argument with someone that claimed that the earth is flat...

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Ohh the flat earthers, such fun!

If only they'd bring Concorde back they could see the curvature for themselves!

What do you mean "claimed"???
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Always wanted to see what's on the underside as moving to AU did not help.

That's what I meant.

I rarely make projects that I see here (the usual "WOW! That is so cool! Too bad I can't make it because..."), but when I do, I make them to the size that I want... If I don't, it takes exactly 3 minutes to convert them.

If it's a SketchUp file, I believe all of the dimensions can be converted with the click of a button.

The americans lost satellites, space probes and more due to the metric/imperial problem and they still refuse to use what the rest of the world uses...
All we can do is to suck it up and work around it as this will never change LOL

Don't you see it?? It is not America that needs to wake up and change - it is the rest of the world who does it wrong ;)