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Mind Puzzler Answered

all right everybody so I'm going tp post a little brain puzzle. The first one to get it will get followed by me.

(NOTICE: PM me the answer,if you leave a comment it has a chance to be stolen.) 

Puzzle: 3 men enter a steam room at a gyn. One of the men is carrying a thermos,the other a towel,and the third a water bottle. After 10 minutes later and the steam clearing away two of the men find that the other is dead. WHO KILLED THE MAN.

After somebody has given me the answer I will post the correct answer in a edit of this forum. Good luck.  


Do we have to figure out who got killed too?

No, just who killed the man. Also, I'm going to add some info.

-There was no weapon found at the crime scene
-There was blood
-One of the two men had nothing to do with the murder

Plus, I was thinking of started kind of a series of these mind puzzels. I already have anther one thought up, if you want to hear it. So, tell me what you think.

The second guy hid a gun in his towel, and thermos man had corrosive acid.

They both did it, case closed Watson.

There was no weapons found at the crime scene.

They mailed them to the land of Guam.

"3 men enter a steam room at a gyn. " The 3 men would be dead. Why there is a steam room there, we'll never ask.

sorry I met to say "Gym". There are usually steam rooms in gyms