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Pro membership charged but no access Answered

I bought a Pro Membership and I logged in. I try to access the Pro membership features such as downloading PDF's and it says I need to buy a Pro membership to gain access. I have a Pay Pal receipt for the purchase and the finds were removed from my account. Can someone help out? I already sent in a support e-mail but was wondering if there was a faster way to get this fixed than waiting several days or worse yet weeks?



4 years ago

I am having the same problem. I bought a year membership and I cannot access any of the pro features. I have been waiting a couple days now, and it's rather annoying. I want to be reimbursed for the days I haven't been able to access anything....

Still no resolution to my pro membership not being recognized....

When you go to your profile page, and you look under the "Pro Membership" Tab, what do you see under "Membership Details"?

If you have purchased membership AND its activated, it should show a "Start Date" and an "End Date". If it does NOT, then you must click on the orange text and redeem the membership you have paid for.

Once you have activated your membership, you'll see the PRO icon next to your username. Currently there is no icon...

Same, my account said "We see you are not a pro member" but I paid via PAYPAL! :-(


6 years ago

Im having the same problem, just sent an email to the mail that was here

I can't download PDFs either..Paid via Paypal for 2 years, have my receipt, dated 20 Jan 12. My profile also says I'm not a pro member. I can download PDF files from other sites, so I know it's not my browser, etc. What a shame; I really like this this site...Wonder where my $29.95 went.... :(


6 years ago

Well, at least I'm not alone!
Paid today (Jan 28th) via Paypal for 2 Year sub, $29.95 deducted from account, was able to view the Pro details in my You page, had to close & re-open my browser (IE8 - yeah, I know) and I'm busted back down to a regular, non-Pro member again. Gah!

Also the 2 Year Sub link now says $39.95? The heck?

I've emailed service@instructables.com, and recieved an automated reply saying that someone will reply soon.

Recieved an email from service@instructables.com, they fixed the problem, and now I'm Pro again. Pretty quick response time.

Hope you guys get things sorted out too!

Good luck!

I Just bought a Pro membership and am defiantly logged in but can't download PDF's either, it keeps telling me I need a PRO membership !!!

Same... I paid via PAYPAL, and I'm not pro member :-(

Just received the auto email regarding the Pro membership problem. I'll give it a week, then filing a dispute with PayPal, and hitting Angies list and every other complaint website I can find. I like this website, but I don't have $29.95 to throw away....

I sent an Email and got an automatic response asking if I was using the latest Firefox and whether I had cookies enabled. I replied to that saying yes to both but have had nothing more back and still can't download PDF's.

Give it a day or two at least. You will hear from someone.

If you e-mail their service team they respond a lot faster than other sites. Course it never hurts to enter it on both. I think the problem was caused by a flaw in Mozilla's last update for me which is now also causing problems with other sites in the same manner. Hope you all get your issues fixed soon.

I also have a pro membership and am unable to download pdfs.

Hey there, I've forwarded this onto the person in charge. You should have a reply within a few days [not weeks :) ]