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Spy Glasses, Animatronic Lion Mask, Speed Up Your PC... Answered

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Jan. 10, 2008

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WinXP Overhaul Guide: How to make it look like Vista & run like lightning
Give your Windows XP installation a complete overhaul with an updated interface, speed tweaks, and free software. Who needs Vista?
posted byCharredPCon Jan 9, 2008
Pipe Loft Bed
Get more space in your cramped dorm room with a trip to the hardware store and some quick construction.
posted bynerdologiston Jan 5, 2008
Realistic, Animatronic Lion Mask with stereo night vision and amplified hearing
Build a realistic lion mask with moving jaw, stereo night vision/color vision system, and amplified hearing augmentation.
posted bySolionon Jan 8, 2008
Covert Spy Sunglasses
Make your own sunglasses that secretly record video and audio for less than $50. Remember to use these powers for good and not evil, OK?
posted byKipkayon Jan 9, 2008
Making an army of Gromit's (Claymation Mold making)
Fancy making a stop-motion animation Aardman style? Chances are that you will need more than one clay figure. You'll likely need an army.
posted byedwatkinson Jan 8, 2008

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zachninme (author)2008-01-12

Eric: why do you get all the credit for Ed's work? ;P

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