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TURKEY COMA!!! Answered

This is a forum for those who want to rant about dishes they were forced to eat, dishes they liked, funny experiences, and that terrible migraine you have from stuffing yourself (I thought you were only supposed to stuff turkey?) Enjoy!


turkey actually has something in it that makes you tired.

That would be the amino acid tryptophan.

The overconsumption of starch and sugar is more likely responsible for your post-Thanksgiving food coma- once your insulin response kicks in, your blood sugar levels plummet to below their original levels, and you're suddenly zonked. This is the same reason you get sleepy a couple of hours after lunch. Swapping up my diet helped me avoid a post-lunch crash.

Of course, that's pretty much impossible to do for Thanksgiving, so just make sure you've got a nice piece of couch staked out.

That turkey is warning everyone about tryptophan.

I think I read somewhere that all poultry has it, that actually stress from the holiday is what makes you tired.

I have a joke that I think is funny. Probably funnier in person but o well. Anyway.... The Saturday after Thanksgiving, which, coincidently, is yesterday, I went over to my friends. When he answered the door he looked like he hadn't gotten any sleep the night before. I asked him what was wrong, but all he said was "Come see this." So, we go up to his room and he points to his window and says, "It's been happening since after Thanksgiving." On his window is a spider. I go over and it starts spinning its web. When it's finished, the web says SOME PIG. I turn and stare at him with an expectant stare. He starts fidgeting and finally blurts out, "So I ate an entire pid for Thanksgiving, so what. It was only a small one." BU BUM SHHHHHH!

I certainly wasn't forced to eat anything, but then, I have pretty much a general liking for most everything :-) I didn't over stuff, nether myself, nor the turkey :-) So far, no weight gain is apparent (according to the scales)...not being able to afford too much extra has it's advantages at times.

I should write all of the interesting tidbits down and post them in a "things I did not know forum.