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What Is the Difference Between a Challenge and a Contest? Answered

Does anybody know the difference between a contest and a challenge? It has been driving me crazy! I saw a forum that said they wanted to create a challenge. Is it possible to create a challenge?

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seamster (author)2017-08-29


In terms of the official Contests and Challenges here on Instructables, the difference is that Contests are run for a longer amount of time and have a variety of prizes for multiple places (grand prize, first place, second place, and so on).

Challenges are run for a shorter amount of time and generally just have a grand prize (for 1 or more grand prize winners), as well as a number of runner-up prizes.

You can check them all out on the site's contest page, found here: https://www.instructables.com/contest/

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DIYEnPointe (author)seamster2017-08-29

Thank you! This is so helpful, and you explained it very well! I guess it isn't a burning question anymore.

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seamster (author)seamster2017-08-29

If that link is not working, there's a link to the contest page under the robot on the top left of any page on the site ;)

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