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What will happen in the year 2012 Answered

Here is the best thing I found about what will happen in the year 2012.


This page explains what will or could happen on that date. read the rest for a full explanation.


Greetings from 11 months later. Absolutely nothing has happen.

What will happen in the year 2012?

I will turn 54 *sigh*

*GASP* You are the same age as my dad!

And i would become 19, (eek! I would nave no parental protection!)

Gasp ! You're the same age as the son I never had :-)

Sorry about that. I discovered soon after marriage that my wife could not have any children, and so I just turned your statement around a bit. It was in bad taste, sorry.

Ahh, I get it now... Sorry to hear you and your wife could not start another generation your own...

Well, if I can inspire, even just one of this group towards greatness, I will live on in that manner also.

That is very kind of you to say so. Sometimes I wonder...my accomplishments are almost nil. While I have reproduced things, I have not seen any evidence of my being able to bring things to any form of fruition.

You helped me with your take care of a cavie instructable, and your pyrography i'ble, and I liked the april fol's jokes, and and I subscribed, and yeah..

Well, I am glad the cavy instructable helped someone :-) I am not sure how the pyrography one fared though. April Fools jokes I think are funniest if everyone can join in laughing at the joke, so I am not too much for the normal "practical jokes" But, thank you.

I am not sure how the pyrography one fared though.
Don't you mean flare?
No litterlly. Isn't it flare?

I meant, I was not sure how well the pyrography ible fared as far as being popular. Pyrography being the art of singing pictures into a flat piece of wood.

Sorry, not singing pictures (I have never heard a picture sing actually), but singeing

I actually didn't notice that. I really meant I knew what you were saying.

maybe not, but I DID notice it.....and it bugged me I had spelled it that way :-)

absolutly nothing abnormal whatsoever.......


8 years ago

Politics, War, celebrations all the usual.

Supposedly we will die. Put in FEMA death camps perhaps.


8 years ago

We (USA) will elect a new president, or not. People will die. People will be born. Normal people will give the day a passing glance and say "oh, look at that." The seventeen year cicadas will return (I think. I forget the exact year they were here last.) And many many conspiracy theorists will drive up demand for bottled water, kerosene, spam, twinkies, guns and ammo.


9 years ago

after 2012 we just start over in numbering years. so the new year will start with January 1, 1 NC (for "New Cycle"). thats all. no dooms day. no end of life. the myans were probably wiped out before they could finish (damn Spaniards).

Spartans =/= Spaniards

its the conquistadors. you were off about 1700 years.

oh sorry, I read it quick and thought it said Spartans.


9 years ago

in the year 2012, if we were to go by the myan calendar, we would have to start over at zero. so, 2013 will be 1 N.C. (new cycle). all these people saying "o noez! the world will end in that year! RUN TO THE HILLS!" are just retards and superstitious idiots that dont know much about anything. dont get cought up in the stupidity, nothing will happen except a new number cycle for the years.

What does the N.C. stand for?

New Cycle, as in a new cycle of numbers.

Or just update the calendar to last for infinity...

ya, but this way is alot cooler! imagine telling your grand children you were alive durring the year 1 nc.

and we would stat again at 1024 if it was the binary calendar

I will be 16 hopefully driving a trans zam or camaro.

I don't need that much. I just need to wait until Wardwood season (I never said it'd be mine)


8 years ago

The world does not end in 2012 because in the myan calendar it is just starting up a new cycle and end of the old one which is 2012.I'm pretty sure people will live past 2012.

ill still be a virgin man my life sucks.

atleast you still have your hands.


9 years ago

I do know that during the winter solstice of 2012, our solar system will pass through the galaxy's equator. We will be in the other hemisphere of the galaxy. Now just think about that...