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can i power a multi stage coil gun with 22v lipo with 2200maH? Answered

i know i'm late on the coil gun band wagon but its still interesting to build.
i have all the parts to make the gun (circuit wise) however with my power source, i don't know how many turns i have to do for best efficiency..
i have 18 AWG wire i intend on making my projectile 1" long and 7 mm Diameter. so the the coil diameter will be 7.5-8  mm.
thanks for help in advance, even a simple equation is welcome



3 years ago

You have a very large projectile to accelerate

I'm an EE tell me what you actually have for a capacitor ?uF @ ?volts, switch current rating, camera step-up to what voltage ?

im not using capacitors, im powering it straight from the lipo

18 AWG wire, 22 volts and a 1" projectile might clear half the table and then crash at 32 feet per second per second to the floor.

I would wind 16 to 20 turns of 3 wires in hand ( 3 parallel wires as one ).

Your biggest problem will be the battery magnetic force does not turn off like a capacitor would and after going half way your iron slug will be pulled back to the center :-( of your energized coil now getting hot.

Maybe you can momentarily slap or slide two wires together, but only one out of ten tries might be the right timing to launch before the Lipo gets drained.

The switching isnt the problem, im using optical triggers, my question to be specific. I need a formula I can use to calculate how much inductance to archive to get great efficiency with the power and wire I have at hand..and will it be worththe build.. the gun im attemping to build is similar to that of jason murrays coil gun (check it out on youtube). Thanx for the help

Super caps have a very low ESR; They will discharge really quickly. You can ask a mustang to take on a Lamborghini. Both awesome makes; One will allways be faster off the block. Take a look around Instructables, and see what everyone else has used. Could help you save some time :)

AND, PLEASE be careful with that thing; M-kay?