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free website hosts that are reliable Answered

Ok, well, I was interested in creating my own little website (not sure what it should contain), but I need a web host. Im 13, so I dont feel like paying for a host, the instructables on how to create a website have not been helpful in this topic, so, i was wondering if any of you know of any reliable free web hosts. Also, i wonder if the domain "www.djradio.org" is taken or something... the .com and .net ones are already taken, although djradio.net is for sale..............




8 years ago

I use <font><a href="http://www.000webhost.com/212146.html">http://www.000webhost.com/212146.html</a> and I think it's the WIN!<br /></font>

110mb.com - loads of space, 3 or 4GB I think it may be 8GB I'm not sure... .co.nr domain names are free in return for displaying a small gif image on the site, it's not noticeable and great. With 110mb you also get 300gb of bandwidth which is enough for most.

I've had great luck with that combination, .tk seems to be slow to load compared to .co.nr

If you ever get a link from dj its now mostlikely going to be rickroll

no, im gonna be straight from now on, although i will put the youtube rickroll video in there (dont worry, it wont move around the screen and have pop up messages)

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110mb uses a modified version of their control panel trust me their good. I used to work with them.

I love them, their FTP is fast and isn't buggy like many, the control panel is handy for cleaning up useless files and they give you loads of coding support, some only allow HTML, true I have little to no clever or out of the ordinary coding running on my site I test anything I come up with through them, at the moment I'm working on a modified lightbox viewer to make my photo albums really simple and swish and to allow large viewings without changing pages.

wait what? you just make a site and that will change the domain?

yep. so u could make thebestsiteever.tk go to instructables.com if I wanted

how long do these last can you change them and why use 110.mb

unlimited Yes it is easier and more storage than freewebs

do you just want to have a little are where you can put HTML code? or what? Tripod.com Tripod gets you kind of famous say i made a website, named it DJRadio, then published it in about 2 weeks, i could go to google, look up 'DJRadio' and find my site if you decide to go with tripod, make an account by the name of djradio, it will make you more famous

there are some nice looking hosts that support PHP and no ads etc . . . and the registration screen in all of them looks the same just with different theme keep away from them - super unreliable